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Armed Forces People Are In Reality Well Disciplined

Since young, I have always held the contention that the “police” and members of the “armed” forces are strict, disciplined people. It was therefore a great shock to me to read about a group of hip-gyrating ex-servicemen performing “butt exercises” infront of Datuk S. Ambiga’s residence on 15th May 2012, in protest against the Bersih [...]

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Boy Dies After Mum Forgot She Left Him In The Car

The tendency to forget, is something human. Being absent minded is nothing unusual. We have often times read about surgeons leaving behind surgical equipments in their patients during operations. A few years ago, all 4 potential candidates for the Bandar Klang state assembly seat were all rejected by the Returning Officer. They had all forgotten [...]

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Dragon Smiles On Dragon Property Tycoons

Like Joey yap, Malaysia’s leading expert on feng shui, Hong Kong’s leading authority on geomancy, Si Tou Kin Fu, says that the element of earth is especially pronounced in the year of the Dragon. For non Chinese, who may possibly not know anything about the Chinese calendar or almanac, the Chinese name their years according [...]

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