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Old Cars In Malaysia Deemed Risky Is Unfair

If you have been working in a company or an establishment for 10 or more years, you’ll be termed as an experienced member of the staff. There exists a saying in the English Language which reiterates, “Old is Gold”, or is it? However, if you are a motorist, irregardless of whether you are driving a [...]

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How To Get The Best Car Insurance Deal?

The method for scouting excellent auto insurance rate is best done by an inquiry with as many agents as possible and then to evaluate them. The said way is the blanket method to use irrespective of the fact whether you are within Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah and Sarawak. Before embark on the job, be clear [...]

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Watch Out For Low Price Car Insurance Policy

Low-priced auto insurance policies are available in ample quantity in the market. Such a low-priced auto insurance policies clinching deal require some efforts. The probability of getting one through a representative call is bleak. The reason being, such low-priced auto insurer contains their over-heads by lesser advertisements. On the other hand, when you tend to [...]

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