How Not To Fail In Your Highway Code Computer Test

A potential student who aspires to secure a driving license (Class D for cars) or a license to ride a motorcycle (Class B2) has first of all to sit for a Highway Code computer paper or in Bahasa Malaysia, the “Kod Undang-undang Jalanraya”.

To be able to get through the above examination, a person has to […]

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JPJ Undang-undang Test Passing Tips Video

JPJ Test Passing Tips Video
Here’s a quick video that I made to give some tips on passing the J.P.J. Undang-undang test. I hope it is useful for all the new vehicle driver in Malaysia.

‘Will Yap

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Sitting For The Highway Code Test

You have to be 17 before you can learn how to drive. That’s what most people think. In fact at 16, you can actually attend the K.P.P. 5 Hour Course (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu).

Besides, you can even sit for the above mentioned Computer Test. The only drawback is, you and your Result slip will have to […]

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