Expressway Driving

10 Steps To Overtake Safely On Highways

To try and attempt to write an article on the subject of overtaking in a highway or expressway is not an easy matter. That's the reason why this article is so late in being written. Although difficult it might seem, this article is very important to drivers, especially to those traveling along our highways and [...]

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The Function of Emergency Sand Pits Near Toll Booths

Trailers, which are meant to carry heavy goods have to follow strict rules imposed by the authorities. On the highways, trailers have to travel on the inner lane. Trailers being huge are considered being dangerous and should not be speeding on the highways. Overtaking other smaller vehicles is not encouraged as it is considered dangerous. [...]

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Chevron Road Markings – What Are They?

Many motorist are unaware regarding “chevron”. As to whether it’s a French or Latin word is uncertain. But it’s function is to “channel” traffic flow, especially in town areas, as we ascend bridges and “flyovers” or “overhead bridges”. Even along major highways. I remember quite vividly, a friend, while speeding away out of Batang Kali [...]

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