10 Traffic Sins Committed By Malaysian Motorcyclists

Some 20 years ago, an immediate neighbor of mine, Ah Choy, a mechanic, lost his one and only son, a 16 year old boy, in a motorcycle accident, which took place along Jalan Watson, Pelabuhan Klang.

In another motorcycle accident which I can still vividly recall, my wife’s 3rd uncle, took to riding a Vespa scooter […]

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Riding A Motorcycle Is In Fact Very Dangerous

Although more than 500 articles have been written on various topics thus far, very few articles on the subject of “motorcycles” have yet been written. Therefore, I feel it’s only right that more emphasis should be given to the topic rightfully.

In the 1970’s, Ibecome a part time instructor, attached to the Mat Saat Driving School, […]

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Advice To Motorcycle “L” License Holders

Owners of Learner’s Driving License (LDL) are subjected to quite a few rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, the majority of “L” drivers and riders today do not seem to know what they can or cannot do with their Ls. Therefore, with today’s article, I will try to highlight some of the things an “L” driver is permitted […]

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