Can You See Colour?

Prior to your sitting the 50 questions computer test of the Highway Code, an approximately 15 minutes exam will test the candidate for what is known as the Colour Blind Test.

The test comprises 8 questions. Only an 8 / 8 results will permit you to move on to the Computer Test next.

What happens if a candidate fails to get through the Colour Blind Test?

Getting Your Eyes Checked

Anyone failing the test would be given a letter asking him or her to go to the nearest J.P.J. office.

An officer there will interview you with regards to your problem regarding the colour blind issue.

You will then be given a letter requesting you to go to the nearest government clinic to do an eye test.

The Actual Test

What does the Colour Blind Test comprise of? Basically 3 types of questions are asked of the candidate.

The first is to test the ability of the candidate to distinguish a “Number” or “Diagram” within a myriad of colours.

This section is rather tricky. If you are unable to comprehend what has been explained thus far, kindly look at the examples of diagrams provided at the onset of this article.

The second type of questions tests the students’ ability to read “car registration” numbers, for example BXY 3850, BVY 8883 and so forth.

The final aspect of the test is a simple test of basic colours like Red, Green, Yellow and so forth. The ability to read basic colours is important.

Can’t See Colour – It’s Dangerous!

A driver has to be able to see and understand the functions of a traffic lightsystem. Failure to do so will land the driver into accidents.

Quite a number of students find some difficulty in passing this “Colour Blind Test”. Some of the reasons why they fail are:

1) Command of Bahasa Malaysia or English being poor.

2) Inability to manipulate the computer well.

3) Some are extremely nervous.

As a last word of advice before signing off, I wish to remind potential students to “brush” up on their ability to use the computer.

This is essentially pertinent, especially to the older candidates.

Most driving schools operators have computer sets in their offices nowadays. Make arrangements to better yourselves in handling the computer well. Some extra time spent at the driving operators’ office will pay off eventually.

Best of luck in your attempt to pass the “Colour Blind Test”.