1) Speed kills.
Most new vehicle drivers (either car or motorcycle) may not know, when you drive fast, things can happen very quickly.

I had the unfortunate experience of attending one of my friend’s funeral. He was the same age as me. He died in a car accident.

Here’s the sad part, he was a passenger, another person was driving the car. The car crashed along the Federal Highway. Both of them lost their lives.

2) A manual car is much cheaper to run compared to an auto car.

An automatic car fuel consumption is at least 30 percent higher compared to a manual car.

3) Have an auto assist membership.

By paying about RM150 a year, you can always call a tow truck if your car were to breakdown. You can call them as many times as you like.
Do you know how much it will cost you for a private tow truck? At least RM250 per tow!

4) Change the tyres.

If your car tyres have worn out, replace them quickly. Your car tyre surfaces which are in contact on the road is only the size of your closed palm.

2 things can happen with bald tyres, Oversteering and Understeering.

5) Pay the parking fee.

Especially if you are in the area of SS21. If you leave your car for 5 minutes without paying the parking fee, your car will be towed away!

You saved 60 cents, but end up paying RM300 to get your car back.

6) Keep the tyres well inflated.

Under inflated tyre will increase the rolling resistance, therefore reducing your fuel mileage. Pump up the tyres and you will see your gas mileage improves.

7) If you modify your car, it will cost money.

If you modify your car, for example, installing a new exhaust pipe and muffler, be prepared to pay more on your petrol. More power means more fuel is being burned.

8) Tint the glass at your own risk.

If you put tinting on your car, be prepared to get pull over by the police.

9) Check the timing belt.

The timing belt is a rubber with steel wire reinforced belt in your engine that has to be replaced every 60,000 km.

If the belt snapped, the pistons in the engine will strike the valves. It’s a major damage to the engine. The only way to repair is to replace the whole valve cover manifold. It’s expensive nonetheless.

10) Install expensive stereo at your own risk.

When you install an expensive stereo system in your car, it increases the chances of it being stolen.

11) Give way on the road.

It’s easier to just give your way to another driver. Not doing so will make you and the other driver angry. Why go through all the trouble.

12) Try not to park under large trees.
It’s tempting to park under big trees because of the shades.

Be careful though!

If there is a heavy thunder storm, a large branch or the whole tree might crash on your car. The insurance company will not cover you.

13) Don’t park your car in underground KL carpark during rainy season.

Flash flood is getting more common in KL. Flood damage is not claimable from the insurance company.

14) Watch your fuel gauge.

You vehicle will always tend to run out of fuel when you are in a hurry or at a remote area of town.

15) Your new car paint job will always get scratched.

It does not matter how careful you are with the new paint job, it is going to be scratched sooner or later.

16) Do not follow too close behind a large lorry.

A lorry in front might flick a piece of stone from the ground. If you drive into the stone, it will crack your windscreen.

17) A dirty air filter will increase your car fuel consumption.

Another simple tip to improve your fuel mileage.

18) When you are on the highway and if a trailer flashes you from the back, give way.

Due to its weight and momentum, it’s hard for the trailer to slow down. Give way or get a nasty shock from the trailer loud air horns.

19) If you buy a continental car, servicing will cost you an arm and a leg.

My friend’s brother bought a second hand Alfa Romeo. The first time he send his car for servicing, he ended up with a RM8000 bill!

20) The car with best resale value is a Proton Iswara.

For some reason, the humble Proton Iswara has a very good second hand value.

21) Driving on a hot afternoon after lunch is dangerous because you will tend to doze off.

I know because it happened to me a couple of times.

22) If you follow a car too close on a highway and when the driver in front slams on the brakes, be prepared to get sandwiched.

Even if you hit the emergency brakes on time, the driver at your back may not. Both the front and back of your car will “koyak”.

23) Talking on the handphone without hands free kit while driving is not a smart thing to do.

24) SMSing while driving is a dumb thing to do.

25) Always check your blind spot before you change lane.

You will be surprised how well hidden a vehicle will be in the blind spot.

26) Hitting a plastic cone at 80 km/h on the highway will break your car head lamp or puncture the radiator.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it. The cone will always win.

27) You will hear funny noises from your car when you drive through water more than 1 feet deep.

This comes from experience. If you drive through flood water, you will start hearing funny squeaking sound in your car the next day.

28) Always top up your Touch & Go card.

29) Always have some spare change in your car to pay for parking.

30) Know where you park your car.

When you park your car in a shopping mall, i.e One Utama, KLCC or Midvalley, write down where your car is located on the parking ticket for easy reference.

‘Written by Will Yap

If you want to add what you wish you knew when you started driving, feel free to add in the comment section below.