5 Reasons Why A Person Cannot Drive A Car At 16 In Malaysia

Why A Person At The Age Of 16 Is Not Allowed To Drive A Car

Many students at the age of 16, keep on asking “why can’t I learn to drive at 16?” If motorcycles, the law allows a person of 16 to ride, then why the discrepancy towards cars.

It all boils down to the law. Certain countries, especially western one, do permit those under 17 to drive. But surprisingly, not in Malaysia.

But sorry, to all those who are 16, you have no alternative but to wait another year before you can learn how to drive. The law says so, and we driving school instructors, have to abide by the law.

But allow me to tell you something. You can however attend the K.P.P. (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) course now. You can also sit for the Highway Code.

On passing this test, hold on to your Result for 1 year. Upon reaching 17, attend the 6 Hour Theory course to then take out your L.D.L. (Learner Drivers’s License). Well, half a loaf is better than no bread!

Now, let’s be serious and deal with the question. Here’s a list of 5 reasons why people cannot begin learning how to drive at 16.

1) As explained earlier, there is a question of Law. The law expressedly says so.

2) There is a question of “Juvenile”. A person at the age of 16 is considered a juvenile. A juvenile is considered a person who is not yet fully matured. Some may disagree with me, but you actually have no choice.

3) A person at 16 is still schooling or attending college or university. You actually should be concentrating fully on your studies.

4) No earning power. When you are 16, your expenses, college fees, clothes and everything else depends on your parents.

Come to think of it, it isn’t fair for your parents to bear the burden of your learning how to drive now. Wait till you are self sufficient in a few years time before you have any ideas of learning how to drive.

5) The question of “immaturity”. Not all persons at 16 are fully matured yet. Some are in fact still childish. They don’t deserve the opportunity to drive a vehicle just yet. So, it is better that they do not drive at all.

These are some of the reasons which appear to be going against the idea of a person being allowed to drive at the tender age of 16.

After all, you have waited for 16 years already. Waiting extra year wouldn’t make more of a difference after all.

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  1. Calvin October 7, 2009 at 9:29 pm - Reply

    Dear Sir, i have a brother who is under age been caught during riding motorcycle. he has been ask to attend court. i just want to know what is his penalty will be?

    • admin October 8, 2009 at 7:37 pm - Reply

      Dear Calvin,

      Your brother has to appear before a “magistrate”. Normally fine usually RM100 – RM150.

      Appeal to the magistrate for lower amount. Get your brother to say he’s a student and promise not to ride without license again.

      ‘Cikgu Yap

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