6 No Parking Areas a Driver Should Know

Many in Malaysia have the class D license (car).

But you’ll be surprised how many really know where they cannot park.

To park in a “No Parking” area is an offence. It contravenes Section 119(2) of the R.T.O (Road Transport Ordinance 1978).

The penalty is RM200.

Where are some of the places one cannot park?

Amongst them are:-

1) Near Bus Stops.

A bus being a large vehicle obviously needs lots of space to park.

Do not park your vehicle near such places.

Remember, park your vehicle a minimum of 9 metres from a bus stop.

2) At a Fire Hydrant.

Park a car at least 3 metres from a fire hydrant.

In times of emergencies, the Fire Brigade needs to stop quickly and lack of space would hamper their operations.

So, avoid parking in such areas.

Most hydrants are easily recognizable.

They have a large red H symbol on it.

3) In Obscure and Dangerous Places.

“Obscure” means hard to see.

Corners are a good example.

Cars approaching most likely cannot be seen clearly.

Putting or parking your vehicle there might cause an accident.

As such, avoid parking in such situations.

4) At Cross and “T” junctions.

Park at least 9 metres from the above junctions.

The above 2 places are amongst some of the most dangerous places.

Many accidents in fact happen here. Drivers have difficulty trying to come out.

A large vehicle, for example a lorry or a van parked very near a T or cross junction, hampers one’s visibility.

Are you aware that in cases of accidents, your vehicle which is parked in such places, could be quoted as the cause of the accident?

As such, you are therefore liable.

5) A Corner.

Corners are difficult areas to maneuver.

Parking in such places, without doubt, makes it difficult to negotiate.

Such being the case, Do not park in such places if you can.

6) Up a Hill and Down a Hill.

Going up and down such a place is not only difficult but dangerous as well.

Having vehicles parked in such an area, will most definitely not help a driver at all.

Please co-operate by refraining from parking in such an area.

There might be a few other places where parking is not advisable.

But the above appears to be some of the areas most likely to cause an accident.

As good drivers, we try our very best not to be involved in an accident.

Let’s also try our utmost best not to get other people involved in accidents also.

Refrain then from places such as those mentioned, from parking your vehicles!

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  1. Vince May 27, 2012 at 5:04 am - Reply

    Hi Sir,
    Currently i am holding my “P” Licence and will get expired somehwere on July 2012,but unfortunately,today i got 2 summons from the PDRM for not fastening the seatbelt and didnt shown up my “P” Label..the officer told me thats i will get my licence suspended for the offences..
    I am now really worried about my Licences,coz i got no offences before since i have my Licence..Plus,i the summons,theyu need me to attend the courts..
    Should i need to attends the Court??

    I dunno whats to do now,but just worrying..

    Pls advised..

    many thanks and really apprecite..

    • Cikgu Yap May 28, 2012 at 2:53 pm - Reply

      Possible you could be punished under demerit system. License could be suspended. My opinion is, your summons can likely be compounded. Try to be more careful next time.

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