6 Things To Be Considered To Legalise The Usage Of Electric Bicycle

For your information, electric bicycles have been used in Malaysia and other neighbouring countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand for quite some time now. In our country Malaysia alone, electric bicycles are said to have been used here for more than 6 years now.

Banning the electric bicycles at this late stage, would be likened to “stemming the tide from rising” or like one of my English teachers once telling me, when I was 13 year old “asking a baby not to cry!”

With this in view, the Malaysian public awaits with bated breath and expectations, the government’s decision regarding electric bicycles usage.

Do we or don’t we allow its usage by the public in Malaysia? Only time will tell.

The public enernestly hopes, that electric bicycles will be allowed to be used in Malaysia. So, to all users of electric bicycles, be patient a little longer. Do not sell your bicycles as “scrap iron” just yet. In Malaysia, anything can possibly happen. “Malaysia Boleh”, as Malaysians are so tend of saying!

What do I recommend that the authorities do with regards to electric bicycles then?

I would like to suggest that:-

1) A new class of license for electric bicycles be created, say B3 (for electric bicycles only). B3 licenses cannot ride the normal motorcycles.

2) A simpler form of test to be created to test elderly folks who aspire to use the electric bicycles.

3) Electric bicycles should not permit to be used by young people, for example school children.

4) Electric bicycle users have to also use safety helmets as well.

5) Like motorcycles, electric bicycles should also be forced to buy a special insurance to cover riders as well as protect the public.

6) Ensure that electric bicycles have headlamps and tail lights if they are to be used at night.

Electric bicycles, although small and light in weight, as compared to the usual motorcycles can travel quite fast on the road. It is believed that electric bicycles can travel up to 40 km/h. At this speed, it is believed that nasty accidents and injuries can very well take place.

With the above proposed rules and regulations, it is hoped that the use of electric bicycles can thus be regulated. The need to ban or disallow electric bicycles on Malaysian roads will no longer be bone of contention.

With my above suggestion, manufacturers of electric bicycles will not face the problem of having to close down their factories. Users of electric bicycles will without a doubt be happy with the decision.

“Environmentalists”, like Consumer Association of Penang’s President Encik Gurmit Singh, will be very happy with the government’s wise decision.

The decision as to whether the electric bicycle will be allowed to be used in Malaysia or otherwise is still left to be seen. Together, we await the government’s decision.

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