If you plan to undertake a journey into Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia in a rental car, a few precautions are necessary to make the travel stress free. It will be much ideal to rent out a car before beginning of the trip to make the journey enjoyable at the end.

The following are 5 things to consider before going for a rental car.

1) Do a little home work.

Like any other financial dealing, you are required to take some precautions to help you save your money. If you have your own insurance, make sure that it is sufficient to cover the rental car. The fact is that a traveler need not take the rental car insurance, if he has his own coverage adequate enough to protect him.

If the renter has no personal car the need arises. In such cases the high priced rental company insurance is preferable than going without insurance.

2) Understand your car rental agreement.

It is important for you to learn and understand the terms and conditions of a rental car agreement. This vital requirement should not be deferred or ignored until an actual problem arises later.

Some important points to clarify are whether there is any restriction for number of kilometers to travel on a day and/or whether unlimited mileage is permitted. The second choice of unlimited mileage is always flexible and hence preferable.

Some rental companies in KL offer fuel option so that the renter has to pay up front for the petrol in the tank, in which case, there is no need for fuelling the car at the end of the journey. In all other cases petrol need to be filled before returning the car. Better choice will be buying the gasoline as and when needed.

3) Know what you are renting.

In many cases the travelers may look into the aspects of insurance, mileage gasoline but may fail to look at the physical condition of the car they rent. Sometimes the vehicle you rent out may have some dents, scratches or other defects on its body which the companies may dispute and pinpoint the responsibility on you, if you have not pre-checked it.

A feedback has shown similar experiences to many travelers in Malaysia. Hence prior to taking the car on rent the company reprehensive should be shown all such defects in advance. Photo documentation with your camera will be good for you to play safe.

4) Look for value but pay for ease of mind.

The car rental industry in Malaysia is a fast growing business with stiff competitions by many companies. There are several major players and small companies in the Kuala Lumpur area. Lowest price always happens to be a better choice for everyone, but that alone should not be taken as criteria for choosing a rental car.

Some small and less known companies may charge less, but problems may arise in their dealings later. It is better to go for brand companies or well-known smaller companies, than renting a car from some start-up companies.

5) Stress on the small details.

Some small issues always lie which go undiscussed while hiring a rental car. The points to clarify at the beginning include:

i) Whether original renter has to bring back the vehicle to the same location.

ii) Whether any extra charge is payable if the driver is within a particular age group.

iii) Whether there are any hidden charges that are not initially disclosed by the company.

Vacation and business travelers into Kuala Lumpur can be made stress-free, if the people care to plan their journey before beginning a trip. The start point should be the rental process itself to avoid chances of waste of money. The precautions enunciated above will go a long way in helping a traveler to make stress free and economic journey.

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