Consequences Of Not Settling Your Traffic Summonses In Malaysia

Let us now consider the consequences of not settling outstanding summonses by the discount deadline of 10th March 2011. According to the authorities, a motorist will then be blacklisted. Whether the Road Transport Department will carry out its threat or not is left to be seen.

Assuming the threat is implemented, and a motorist is blacklisted, he or she can ideally be faced with 2 things:
1) Their driving licenses cannot be renewed.

2) Their vehicle’s road tax cannot also be renewed.

In short, a motorist cannot drive or ride a motorcycle. If a person should feel victimized and would like to challenge the summons he or she has been given, he or she can institute legal action. For this, a motorist can engage legal counsel to take up the necessary legal redress in court.

The recent announcement by the Bar Council could put a damper on many an attempt to seek legal redress. Lawyer fees are said to go up some 400 – 500 percent! While it was RM50 to open a retainer file a few years ago, my brother, who is a legal assistant with years of experience, advises me that one needs to pay some RM500 to open up a retainer file these days.

The second consequence of not settling your outstanding summonses might lead you to be issued with a warrant of arrest! The above warrant is reportedly said to cost RM200. With a warrant of arrest, the Police or the Road Transport Authorities can stop a motorist at road blocks. The authorities can even arrest you at your place of work or even visit your home to detain you.

The 3rd consequence which I can foresee is for the blacklisted motorist to refrain from driving. What are you suppose to do then?

Well, you could opt to use other modes of transport. You could opt to use the buses, taxis, the LRT or even the trains. But using the above alternative means of transport compared to your old faithful car will definitely be a hassle indeed.

The 4th consequence of your not settling your summonses will be that you will have to raise a certain sum of money to finally settle the outstanding summons. You will infact have no alternative at all. It is a question of settling your summons or risk being blacklisted.

To end this article, I would like to advise all readers that seeking a redress at the courts might even take up to a few years. Can you afford not being able to drive for such a long period of time? Consider this carefully. Only you and you alone will be able to come up with the correct answer.

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