Dangers Lurking In Klang Town – Be Careful!

Drivers and motorcyclists are exposed to dangers as they travel to their destinations.

As a lecturer for the 5 hour Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP) course, I pay emphasis upon topic called “Planning One’s Journey”. Among some of the important aspects a driver should do before setting out on a journey are:

i) Wear shoes while driving.

ii) Do not wear slippers and wear knee high leather boots should you be riding a motorcycle.

iii) Ensure that one has brought along identification papers such as MyKad and license.

iv) See to it that your road tax is valid.

The above are some of the things a good driver should do prior to setting out upon one’s journey.

Although the above are paid due emphasis always, nevertheless and sad to note, very few drivers and motorists heed them. The above introduction is brought up by in response to a report entitled “Tutor Cheats Death In Snatch Theft Incident” which appeared in the Star newspaper dated 8th October 2010. The above article must surely have caught the attention of many a reader.

In the reported incident which happened in nearby Taman Eng Ann, Klang, recently, a tutor Lim Peng Ching had her sling handbag violently snatched from her neck as she walked along carrying a can of petrol from a nearby petrol station. Luckily for Ms. Lim, the strap of her handbag snapped. Otherwise, according to her, she would have been dragged even further along the road and suffered even more dire injuries instead.

First of all, permit me to inform you something about Taman Eng Ann including Taman Berkeley, Klang. If readers have read my previous articles in this blog, you must surely have known that Klang, as a whole, is fairly known for its snatch theft robberies. However, the number of cases of such robberies has decreased tremendously over the years. This is due to constant police surveillance and stricter law enforcement in this town.

While on a wedding card distribution round to invite close friends and relative for my frist daughter’s wedding a few years ago, my wife sustained a snatch theft robbery by an unknown foreign assailant riding on a motorcycle and armed dangerously with a sharp instrument. This incident took place in Taman Berkeley itself.

My wife, who was sitting inside our car was suddenly attacked by an Indonesian lad, unkemptly dressed with an ice pick. She was stabbed in her chest. Luckily for her, the attacked missed her vital organs by inches. Her handbag was violently snatched from her. She lost quite a large sum of cash and the above incident traumatized my wife even up to today.

Hopefully, by relating this true episode, residents and visitors to Klang will be made to realise this town in fact lurks with hidden dangers and therefore they should ideally be careful when moving around it. Likewise, the authorities, especially the police will have take note of it and make police patrol rounds in Taman Eng Ann and Taman Berkeley housing estates a frequent chore.

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