Lowering Of Speed Limits During Hari Raya In Malaysia

Posted on September 10th, 2009

Speed Limit Lowered By 10 km/h During Ops Sikap XX 2009 Campaign

In view of impending rise of accidents this coming Hari Raya season, the Integrated Road Safety Campaign has introduced a new good measures to reduce the number of accidents.

As speed limit remains one of the major cause of accidents on Federal and State roads well be lowered by 10 km/h beginning Sunday 14 September to 27 September 2009.

For this years’ Ops Sikap XX Campaign, several various new intervention measures will be incorporated.

What are the measures which we are speaking about?

They are:

i) Motorists are encouraged to use the public transport more.

ii) To travel back home during the day as it is found to be safer.

What are our present speed limits of our Federal and state roads?

For the information of all drivers, traveling back home this coming festive season, Federal roads the speed limits is 90 km/h. State roads have a limit of 80 km/h.

Besides the reduction of speed limits, which hopefully will see a lowering in the number of accidents, the Malaysian Government also announced a number of new measures.

“Accident prone areas”, totaling some 300 of them, will see warning signs being put up to warn drivers to be more careful while driving through these dangerous areas.

Check on express buses will also be stepped up. At bus depots and terminals all across the country, bus drivers will have to undergo strict urine tests.

A spokesman of the Ops Sikap XX Campaign said, the volume of traffic is expected to increase two-fold, from 700,000 – 800,000 per day to approximately 1.3M to 1.4M daily. Increase in volume means more accidents are bound to take place.

The various authorities, The Police, Road Transport Department as well as other affiliated bodies to be commended for their untiring efforts during this 20th Ops Sikap campaign. And all other previous campaigns carried out thus far.

Hopefully, this festive season of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri campaign soon, will see our objective being achieved and there will be fewer accidents as compared to other earlier campaigns.

But drivers should not depend on the authorities alone to do their jobs. We should also chip in by:

1) Ensuring our cars and vehicles undergo safety pre checking procedures, especially tyres and brakes.

2) Plan our journey well. Ensure we take “breaks” every few hours of driving to reduce fatigues.

3) Do not overload your vehicles.

4) Make sure our vehicles have 1st aid boxes, torch lights, spare tyre, fire extinguishers and most important of all, the “Amaran Segi Tiga” or emergency triangle.

Finally, a word of advice prior to your going back home or “balik kampung” trip.

Be patient while driving! Remember, your family and friends are eagerly waiting for your safe return. Your safety is in your hands.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

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