The Interesting Story Behind a White Line or Lines

“Lines” to some people mean many things. 2 Lines across a cheque, to a banker means one cannot cash a cheque or take out money from a bank.

But a line or lines, to a driver may mean a lot of things.

It can also get you “Fined”, in case you don’t know. So allow me to relate to you a few stories regarding Lines.

First, there is the notorious or well-renowned “Double” Lines on the road or highway. Double lines indicate: You cannot do 3 things.

1) Park on a double lines.

2) Overtake on a double line.

3) Neither can you do a U turn on a double line.

Another thing which a driver cannot perform on a double line is:

Do not cross from one side of the road to the other side.

The above are some of the things one shouldn’t do, in case you are unaware. Offences with regards to Double Lines all carry a penalty of fine or RM300.

So, beware. You might think it might simply be only a line, but don’t be shocked.

To a driver, permit me to repeat, a line may mean a lot. Some may inquire, “What about the Single white line?” My driving instructor, way back in 1970’s told me this when I asked him that.

You know what he replied?

My instructor said, “Young man (I was 17 or 18 then), Single line or Double lines, they mean the same.”

So, there you are. You already have the answer.

But I was adamant. “How can Single line and Double lines be similar?” I inquired. “Young man, maybe the “Majlis” (or Town Council as they are known in Malaysia) have not enough paint,” he said.

Anyway a single line offence will also cost the driver a fine of RM300. Just like the double lines.

What happens when one sees a Single white line on one side and dotted lines on the other?

This means, on the side of the Single white line, you cannot do, as explained in the case of Double lines earlier. While in the case of the Dotted line, you can:

1) Overtake.

2) Park your vehicle.

3) Do a U turn.

By now, maybe you are getting slightly confused over “Lines”. I propose therefore, not to proceed any further.

So, while a white line to some may or may not be of any meaning at all, to us being drivers, it “actually” means a lot!