Special Bus & Taxi Lanes In Kuala Lumpur

Special Bus And Taxi Lanes In Fact Aid Public Transport Service

In an article which appeared in Star Metro dated 10th March 2010, a writer complained that “bus lanes’ especially in Kuala Lumpur, should be done away with.

The writer appears to suggest such lanes in reality serve little purposes.

As a driver to Kuala Lumpur city, you might be tempted to agree with the above suggestion. Before jumping to any conclusion, it’s imperative that we first and foremost take into consideration the views of spoke person of Corporate Communication Manager of DBKL (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur), Encik Anwar bin Mohd Zain.

Explaining to the public regarding the special bus and taxi lanes at major streets in the city centre, En. Anwar said, are aimed at giving travel space to public transportation, namely buses and taxis.

How does the allocation of taxi and bus go towards assisting public transportation system, one may inquire?

With these lanes, the quality of public transportation service is thus raised, as travel and waiting time for passengers are thus cut down.

Secondly, public transportation services are made more efficient. Indirectly, this would encourage more people to use public transportation as an alternative travel mode to using their own vehicle.

The increase in the use of public vehicles by the people would help to lessen the traffic condition in the city.

Taking into consideration the above achievements provided by bus and taxi lanes, thus the special lanes at most streets in Kuala Lumpur would be maintained for the benefit of all public transportation users.

So, there you have it. You will now understand why DBKL has not found it fit to remove the bus and taxi lanes currently still found in most busy streets in Kuala Lumpur.

However, if you while driving in Kuala Lumpur should see bus and taxi lanes empty, don’t be tempted into using them.

Should you decide to use them to get to your destination faster, you should be ready to face the fact if you are unlucky, a traffic cop riding on a big motorcycle might wave you to stop at the left road shoulder ahead.

If that should happen, rest assured that you will be handed a traffic summons for using a lane that’s only reserved for taxis and buses.

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