Understanding The Malaysian Demerit Points System

How Many Demerit Points Are Deducted For Each Traffic Offense?

In the first part of this article, I have explained The Demerit System or Sistem Kejara is all about. By now, you should be aware of what the system is.

In this second part, an attempt will be made to explain vividly the points which will be awarded for each and every traffic offense that you commit.

Keep track of it! It is these points that finally will determine whether, as a driver, you will land up losing your driving license or otherwise.

To get a competent driving license or C.D.L., is a long and tedious process. From attending the 5 hour grueling lecture to the final practical test conducted by the J.P.J. authorities, it takes months of sweat and toil.

You should actually treasure your driving license. Do not ever attempt to lose your C.D.L. by having it banned or suspended by the J.P.J.

If the above should happen, nonetheless, my opinion is, it’s a sheer waste indeed.

1) Deduction of 15 demerit points.

a) To drive or in control of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

b) Dangerous driving.

c) Driving recklessly and being inconsiderate.

d) Racing and speed testing.

e) Without valid reasons, refusal to provide specimens of breath, blood and urine as required by the police.

2) Deduction of 10 demerit points.

a) Disregard for the traffic light.

b) Excess speed limit is stipulated areas. Normally over 40 km/h.

c) Ignoring Section 15A of Kaedah-kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Lesen Memandu) 1992.

3) Deduction of 8 demerit points.

a) Driving in excess on a stipulated road.

b) Offences connected with overtaking including “Q offences”.

c) Not giving way to police, ambulance, fire brigade and J.P.J. authorities.

d) Not driving correctly on the proper side of the road.

e) Not giving way to pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.

f) Not stopping at traffic lights.

g) Inability to control a vehicle well (including using hand phones).

4) Deduction of 6 demerit points.

a) Driving in excess of stipulated speed limit. Normally exceeding speed of between 1 – 25 km/h.

5) Deduction of 5 demerit points.

a) Using motorized vehicles in prohibited areas.

b) Ignoring or disregarding traffic regulations.

c) Using tyres which are bald or in poor conditions.

d) Overtaking at double line areas.

e) Non observance of Kaedah 15A Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Lesen Memandu) 1992.
– Non possession of driving license when driving.

– Not ensuring the level of alcoholic content of breath, blood and urine remains at 0.00 percent.

Drivers should make it a point to observe and ensure that the various offences which have been explained quite explicitly be maintained.

This will prevent a driver being summoned either by the police, J.P.J. and other relevant authorities. You will then have no trouble worrying about the Demerit System or Sistem Kejara currently being used by Putrajaya.

Be it be known that the computer systems used by both the J.P.J. and the police are online with each other. Drivers wishing to know how many demerit points they may have accumulated can make a check with the:
i) J.P.J. authorities at their web site.

ii) The police at any traffic departments.

iii) Hand phone companies such as Maxis and Celcom have services which provide details on traffic summons to their customers too.

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