A Personal Comment From A Driving Instructor

The use of automatic cars over manual cars is something that’s inevitable. Like the sun which rises in the east. Like the tides which rises each day upon the shore.

Malaysia’s decision on the use of automatic car has come. We cannot move into the new era without the automatic cars.

The move into the automatic age has indeed arrived. No one, even the “auto” car dealers or even the government, can do anything about it. Auto car dealers in Malaysia nowadays, cater for the introduction of new models, most of which cater mostly for the automatic models.

Thus, the J.P.J. has had but no choice but to follow suit.

It made an announcement quite recently as to whether it would allow “auto” cars to be used in the driving schools / institutes all across the nation.

Likewise, the Transport Authorities is currently contemplating very seriously this issue closely and promised an announcement would be made shortly with regards to this issue.

Presently, all driving schools and institutes use manual vehicles. It is not as if “auto” cars are not used at all by driving institutes. In fact, auto cars are being used.

The O.K.U. (Orang Kurang Upaya) in fact use automatic cars to learn and test in their own special automatic cars.

But special permission has first to be obtained from the J.P.J. authorities.

Even specially modified vehicles can be used by O.K.U. However, the same procedures apply to the specially modified vehicles too.

If you were to ask me, will we see the advent of the “auto” in the driving school industry in Malaysia?

My answers would most likely be in the affirmative.

Very soon, most probably in late December or at the very latest, by January 2010, the use of automatic vehicles should materialize.

What among other things, should be taken into consideration?

Among some of the things to be taken into considerations are:

1) Price structure

A price increase that would commensurate with the driving schools’ labour. A price structure that will be acceptable to both learners and driving instructor as well.

2) Testing procedures

Testing procedures will have to be altered. The testing of each particular section will also, obviously have to be taken into consideration

3) The type of license to be issued

Licenses to be issued for the new drivers, who from henceforth can drive Class D (auto) cars only has to be created.

These are a few of the things that have to be scrutinized carefully before the use of the automatic cars can be put into use in the driving school industry.

Whether one welcomes its introduction or otherwise, is a different story altogether.