3 Simple Tips To Prevent Car Accidents

3 Simple But Important Things A Driver Should Observe

In this article, I wish to point out 3 simple but important things a drivers should observe.

1) Traffic lights junctions.

Most drivers appear to be impatient or restless while waiting for the lights to turn green. The younger drivers especially, will be revving their engines, waiting impatiently to shoot off, the moment it’s their turn to do so.

This is the place where accidents happen. Observations show, there are some drivers, on seeing the traffic light on their side turn “amber” or Yellow, will accelerate further in order to beat the traffic light, so to say. This in fact is a normal human behavior.

Just imagine this! If you, on the other side, were to be revving impatiently, waiting to shoot off the moment the lights turn Green, believe me, you and the other driver (who is trying to beat the traffic light) will have a fantastic case of a collision.

At the speed at which he is speeding away, there is no way the other driver can possibly control his vehicle to avoid a crash into you.

What then must you do?

What you actually must do is, after the traffic light on your side turns green, hold back 1 – 3 seconds, ensure there is no remaining cars from the right rushing towards the traffic junction, before you proceed forward.

You can only be advised. You cannot be made to follow what is recommended here.

2) Walk around your car.
A good driver, or rather a careful driver should actually have a walk around his car before getting into it. It only takes but a minute or so to do this.

By walking around your car, you are indirectly making a “survey”. Are there any obstacles around? What’s the distance from the back of your car to the shoe rack behind you?

Plus many other things you might not know that’s around your car. Who knows, a small child may even be behind your vehicle.

So, think about it. A simple advice. But the consequences are great!

3) Look around before getting off your car.

On reaching your destination, your home, your office maybe, don’t immediately open you car door to get down. Count to five first, make it a point to observe the rear view mirror, and the side view mirror.

Only when you are satisfied there are no cars or vehicles coming behind you, do you then proceed to open the door.

This action takes only a few seconds. But believe me, it will save you a lot of miseries!

Opening the door suddenly can easily cause an accident. Therefore be extra careful.

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