5 Important Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

The Correct Attire Motor Riders Should Wear While Riding Motorcycles

Motor cycle riders, especially in Malaysia have many advantages over other motorists. Petrol consumption of bike is much lower. Motorcycles seldom face problems of traffic jams.

In case you are unaware, motor riders enjoy many privileges. They are:

i) Pay no tolls.

ii) Their road tax is Free, except insurance coverage.

iii) Enjoy a lower test fee when applying for their licenses.

iv) There’s a rumor circulating their driving license would soon be reduced from RM20 per year to only RM2.

What else would one ask for?

However, it ought to be reminded though, riding a 2 wheeler is dangerous. Playing “American football” is also dangerous too. But wearing the correct attire, helps to minimize the dangers of the game.

Likewise, wearing the correct attire when you ride a motorcycle makes it safer overall.

In reality, one has to wear special attire when motorcycle riding. The attire recommended for riders is actually meant to protect the rider’s overall safety. Amongst some of the things I recommend are:

1) Proper wearing of helmets.

Malaysia is among the many countries the world over where it’s compulsory to wear helmets. The “full faced helmet” is suggested.

It’s supposed to be much safer, although inconvenient. Look around for a good, reliable helmet. They might cost more, but eventually it’s worth it.

They are meant to protect your head.

Talking about this important item, very recently, the Malaysian Government has made a decision to ban the version of “half helmet” type of protective gear.

Such helmets, made in Malaysia, has been found to have failed to protect riders adequately. After much inquiries and surveys done on this subject, the authorities have finally made their decision.

Riders in this country cannot do anything about it!

To be fair to half helmets producers, especially America and other European countries, the helmet has been found to be very suitable for ladies.

The above helmets not only safe, beautifully designed and so colourful, that I’m sure ladies will just love them.

Don’t forget thought, even cops in America use them. Therefore, the half helmet definitely deserves a rightful place in our motorcycle society.

Finally a word of advice to riders. Owning a helmet is just not enough. Even the best helmet costing RM500 – RM1000 is of no use if it’s not worn properly.

So, tie your helmets correctly. Only then can they provide you all the protection your head needs!

2) Goggles or riding spectacles.

Goggles provide good protection for our eyes. Dust, grime and insects are bound to get into our eyes. When such things enter our eyes, it’s dangerous.

So, invest in a good and reliable set of goggles. Especially if you’re a serious bike rider.

3) Leather gloves.

Nothing can be more important than a good set of leather gloves. It’s not only for cosmetic purposes.

They actually provide protection for your fingers, especially when you sustain a bad fall.

Believe me, fingers are extremely prone to injuries. So, do take my advice seriously. Invest in a good pair of gloves. You’ll not regret it!

4) High leather boots knee high.

Leather boots provide good, solid protection especially to the ankles, knee and shin areas. Not forgetting one’s toes as well.

A nasty hit or knock on these areas is disastrous! So, a good pair of leather boots, knee high, is something very necessary for a rider, especially a super biker version.

Even smaller bikes require such important items.

5) Leather jackets.

To talk of attire for a motorist without mentioning this very important item, the leather jacket, would be incomplete.

It protects your arms, elbows and biceps. All important parts of you physique.

A good pair of leather jacket, which might be costly, no doubt is worth all the money. After all, what’s RM1000 – RM2000 for all the safety it can provide!

As mentioned earlier, riding a 2 wheeler is indeed dangerous! But with the correct attire recommended for motorcycle riders, the dangers can be minimized.

Motor cycling can be fun and interesting. But only if you choose to make it such.

Cruising into the countryside on a bike, a big super bike, with the wind blowing into your hair, and soft breeze caressing your cheek, it’s just freedom words cannot express.

Don’t forget though, danger lurks ahead!

The final thing I wish to remind you is, if you want to ride motorcycles, it’s important that you invest in a P.A. insurance policy.

What, you may inquire is a P.A.?

It is Personal Accident policy! It’s a must.

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