Obey The Zebra Crossing Rules Or Else

A school should actually be the safest place a child goes to. Zebra crossing practically are painted at the front gates of all schools. They aid the traffic warden to direct school children safely across the road.

But as we ponder about it, do most drivers really know what is a zebra crossing?

What do we have to do when we come across a zebra crossing?

The problem is, most drivers are unaware of what actually they have to do. Not stopping while school children are crossing the road is an offense. It comes with a RM300 fine.

First of all, school areas have a designated speed of 30 km/j. Regarding zebra crossings, they are normally accompanied by traffic lights and traffic wardens.

In the above case, a driver therefore has no problem.

What about other times beside scheduled time of crossing by school children?

Assuming, a child wants to cross the road. It’s outside the usual time of crossing and no traffic warden is around to guide.

If the child presses the traffic light control, indicating his intention to cross, a driver seeing the Red light on, should immediately stop and give way to the child.

Knocking into the child or hurting school children would be a serious offence.

What happens if there is a child who wishes to cross the road and the traffic lights are mal-functioning? In such a situation, what does a driver do?

According to the law, what does the driver then have to do?

Again, remember, not giving way to children wishing to cross a road is an offence.

What happens when you come across a traffic light, there are no children waiting to cross. In fact, no one is around. The traffic light turns red, what do you do? Do you stop and wait for the traffic light to turn green before proceeding?

As a driving instructor, if you ask me, I can’t give you an answer.

If supposing you do not stop, proceeding to move, you are in fact making a traffic offence. So do you stop or not? If you stop, who are you actually waiting for anyway?

In the above situation, I have personally observed some who wait, while others may simply ignore the rules and move ahead.

In short, use your discretion. But be careful! Hope no police officer comes along.

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