Salvaging A Vehicle Which Has Fallen Into A River

In an emergency, a vehicle which has fallen into a river, will initially float on the surface for 3 to 10 minutes. Another fact you may not be aware of this, 50% of drivers cannot swim.

Therefore in such as emergency situation, what then should one do?

When facing an emergency such as this, normally 2 approaches can be recommended. First, is to open the door quickly or crawl out through your windows. Secondly, do not panic!

Close up all your car windows. Permit the car to sink to the bottom of the river. Then decide what to do. As to whether you opt to put on the cabin light or otherwise, depends on you.

Ideally, the cabin light has to be lightened up. A bright interior will not frighten children. However, it should be reminded, amongst trapped in the car, there are some who wish to escape as soon as possible, as too long in the car causes phobia.

The car has a capacity to sustain oxygen supply for a period of no more than half an hour only. After that, victims will being to suffocate.

Amongst those who are trapped in the car, one person should ideally be selected at the leader. His duty is to direct others in their attempt to get out of the vehicle as soon as possible.

Our intention is to prevent any in-fighting, which in the end will hamper attempts to rescue all those who are still trapped inside.

It should also be remembered that attempts to kick open the door will not be an easy task. With intense water pressure pressing against the car, heavy kicks should be made to force the doors open.

Rescuers should always keep in mind that:

1) Small babies and young children should always be the first to be sent up to the surface. At the surface, there will be spectators who are eagerly awaiting to perform rescue work.

2) Next to be sent up to the surface should ideally be the old folks.

3) Thos who are able bodied should be last to be sent up as they can fend for themselves.

A vehicle that has been submerged in water, inevitably suffer a great deal of damage. Cushion especially, will be subjected to getting spoilt.

Wirings is another item that will sustain much damage too. In my opinion, a vehicle which has been submerged under water for a period of time, will no longer be suitable for normal use.

It will be more advisable for it to be disposed of as scrap iron rather than to spend much amount of money on costly repairs.

This article has given you some invaluable tips as to how to deal with such a situation if and when a vehicle should fall into a river. The correct way to act quickly maybe the best manner to save yourself and your family.

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