The Bicycle as a Means of Transport Today

J. K. Starley invented the bicycle. Gottlieb Daimler, the car.

If both were to be alive today, Starley would be the much richer billionaire than Daimler.

Why should this be so?

Because if China and India were to combine…

Combine what, you may ask?

Don’t be impatient, let me finished my statement.

If China and India were to combine their total number of bicycles, there will be more bicycles than cars in the world today.

The humble bicycle is also an important means of transport. So far, we have only written articles after articles on the subject of cars and motorcycles only.

Of late, no article has yet been done on bicycles.

Why this disparity?

This has led this writer intending to do a write-up, specially on bicycles.

Do you know that a bicycle is meant to carry one person only?

In many countries, Malaysia for example, a bicycle is meant to be ridden by one person only.

To carry another person on the bicycle is actually against the law.

But policemen, especially in Malaysia and other Asian countries, have a rather sympathetic view towards bicycle riders. They seldom arrest riders for their offences such as two persons riding on one bicycle.

That’s the first amongst many things regarding the bicycle you may not know.

In Malaysia especially, “riding abreast” along the road, with another friend is also considered an offence.

Riding abreast, side by side is considered by the authorities to be dangerous. This action is actually dangerous!

But then again, the police close “one eye” upon such actions.

Anyway, in most countries, the bicycle is used mainly by the lower and the poorer strata of society. Thus the need not to treat them too harshly.

Do you know, there exist in the southern state of Malaysia, Johor for example, which once upon a time actually had registration cards and even numbers for bicycles?

Bicycle owners even had to pay a small road tax fee.

Another thing you might not be aware about the bicycle is you must have the front and rear lights on when riding a bicycle at night.

Many unfortunately do not know about this ruling. Having the front and rear light on at night is specially meant for the rider’s own safety.

One last thing regarding bicycles. There is a special type of bicycle meant for 2 or more people to ride on. It is called the tandem bicycle. You might have seen them.

And then, there is yet another new type of bicycle, which runs on battery, has an engine but doesn’t run on petrol.

This hybrid type of machine, the J.P.J. authorities is unable to classify yet.

Is it a bicycle or a motorcycle? Do you need a license to use it? Has it insurance coverage or otherwise?

The only advice that can be given is, not to ride it onto the main road.

So much for the humble but important means of transport – the bicycle!

Hopefully, you have found this article to be informative and at the same time, interesting as well.

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