A driver driving a car requires the help of the rear view mirror. And he also requires the help of the left hand side mirror as well as the right and side mirror.

Without the 3 vital mirrors mentioned above, a driver would in fact be at a loss. Without them, turning left and right and overtaking would then become extremely difficult and dangerous tasks.

You see, in driving a vehicle, a driver is confronted with what is known as “blind spots”. Blind spots are parts of areas that cannot be observed by a driver under existing circumstances.

To explain it further, blind spots are spots or areas situated across both the right or left shoulders of the drivers. These are areas one cannot see.

As such, accidents are prone to happen, especially when he attempts to change lanes, to overtake cars, to turn and before opening doors.

Experts say, major blind spots are located to the left and right side of the vehicle. In order to reduce lane change accidents, some auto makers are resorting to using radar to try and eliminate blind spot error committed by drivers.

Blind spot errors are not faced by cars alone. The Transport Quebec Company of Canada, in one of their many articles advised, “heavy vehicles have their blind spots too”.

A driver in a heavy vehicle cannot always see you. Like you in a car, truck and bus drivers cannot see certain areas on the road around their vehicles. So, when you are driving a car through a heavy vehicle’s blind spot, do not take chances.

The explanation so far about the problems faced by drivers regarding blind spots and the amount of accidents caused by it has worried many automakers.

Nissan is said to be currently developing a system, which can give you a bird eye’s view of your car. It can also eliminate blind spots around your vehicle, with the help of a central monitor mounted on the dashboard.

The above technology is reported to be fitted in Nissan’s latest model – The Infiniti in the very near future. Or maybe, it has already been fitted already.

Besides talking about blind spots in driving, we should also make a mention that humans in fact also possess blind spots too. Whether you realize it or otherwise, human beings have unproductive behaviors which are unfortunately invisible to ourselves.

Reports say men too have faults or weak points. Ladies are said to have an eye for such details. Do you know what 1/3 of women say men do not care about their complexion? Another, they say is bad breath.

Well, gentlemen who wish to impress the ladies, now you know what you have to do.

Hopefully, this short article on blind spots has raised your concept on it. It is hoped you will have a better understanding about it and you encounter less accidents as a result of this added knowledge.

Safe driving and beware of your blind spots.