Toyota Motors Deems Recall A Good Lesson After All

It was reported recently that Toyota Motors Corporation has regarded its recent recall of millions of vehicles worldwide as a good lesson after all.

According to the world’s largest automaker, there exists a proverb in Japanese which says, “After the rain, the ground hardens”. It is like we say in English, “It’s a blessing in disguise!”

“Scrutiny from both inside and outside the company, its seem acts as a good lesson to it”.

According to Akio Toyoda, its new president, Toyota Motors feels very confident that the Company has become more focused on its customers and safety because it went through this period of tribulation recently.

Toyota is currently said to be rebuilding its worldwide reputation after recalling more than 8 million vehicles for defects which were linked to “unintended acceleration” in its vehicles. When asked why all these has happened, the new president reiterated that it could have been due to rapid expansion as Toyota grew to become the world’s largest automaker.

For your information, Toyota Motors was recently fined after recalling gas pedals in Europe months before doing similar recalls in the United States.

It has reported Toyota’s recall for accelerator pedals and floor mats which were reported to be able to trap the accelerator has triggered 4 U.S. Congressional hearings, including the latest one in February 2010, which was attended by Mr. Toyoda and other top Toyota executives.

The U.S. Transport Department is said to be continuing investigating Toyota’s handling of past recalls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (N.H.T.S.A.) fined Toyota Motors a sum of US16.4 millions last month for failure to notify promptly gas pedals defects. This month, it began investigations for a 2005 recall of faulty truck steering relay-rods.

In the name of safety of all vehicles worldwide, we applaud and commend the U.S. Transport Department’s effort. Toyota Motors’ effort in co-operating with the U.S. authorities should also be commended as well.

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