6 Essential Things Required When Conducting Driving Lesson in Malaysia

The Documents And Things The Authorities Look For In A Driving School Car

Driving school vehicles can be stopped by the authorities and the Police while providing tuition on the road. Has the latter the right to do this is debatable. But my institute’s assistant manager, an ex-official of the department, advised me recently that they do.

The above aside, what will a driving school vehicle be checked for assuming they are stopped on the road one day. Many fellow instructors, it is certain would like to know.

This article will be itemized. Making it easier for reading and to remember purposes.

1) Identity card or MyKad.

Your above card will obviously be checked. Make sure you have it with you. The above is necessary to “cross check” with other documents you are about to show the officer.

2) Your driving license.

To tutor or teach without it is an offense. So, always remember to have it with you. Periodically, check that your license isn’t expired.

3) S.M.I certificate.

For those who do not know, all driving schools / institutes posses the above certificates. It’s actually the right to operate driving schools and institutes. As the original copy is held at the office, you therefore should possess a “photocopied” copy in your car.

4) S.M.2 or teaching certificate.

A S.M.2 certificate allows an instructor to teach. The authorities or Police, will definitely be out looking for this certificate. Having it is of no use, if it’s expired. So always ensure its renewed.

5) The S.M.3 certificate.

All driving schools or institutes vehicles posses this important document. It is like a car’s registration card. Ensure this certificate is not expired also.

6) Student’s L.D.L. (Learner Driver’s License).

If you think all the above are what the authorities and police will check, you are certainly mistaken. The L.D.L. must always be brought along when you tutor a student. Failing to do so, violates Section 26 (2) of the A.P.J. 1987.

Although the title of this article promises a talk about “other” things a driving school or institute’s cars that will be checked for, assuming that too much time will be needed for this purpose, I therefore deems it necessary to defer it until another moment.

One final advice though. Keep all the documents in a special leather bag. Take them out quickly whenever you meet the authorities or the Police.

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