8 Things To Prepare For A Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu Spot Check

What To Expect If Your K.P.P. (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) Class Is Visited By A. J.P.J. Official

To conduct the 5 hour K.P.P. (Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu) lectures, an instructor needs:

a) The K.P.P. certificate

b) His S.M.2 certificate

Have these documents with you, should you be visited or “spot checked” by an official from either the Transport Department, Putrajaya or the Selangor J.P.J. authorities from Kampung Jawa.

As a lecturer or “penceramah”, what are the things you can expect the official to look for?

1) Attendance list.

Official will enter your class armed with the Registration list of the day’s student attendance from the Institute’s office. So, before starting a class, a lecturer should count the number of students he has in his class.

Some students may be registered for your class but they might not appear upon roll call.

2) Class arrangement of seating arrangement.

Some “officials” are quite particular about this. Do not allow students to seat wherever they like. Make sure every seat is occupied. Under no circumstances, should a seat be allowed to be left empty.

Unless, if that particular seat is spoilt or cannot be used. As empty seat means that particular student may have left your class.

3) Text books.

Students are supplied test books. Ensure all students have them. Get the office to immediately supply the books if in case of shortage. Students can share the books, if need be.

4) Wearing caps and listening to ear-phone radios.
These 2 are not permitted. Take action on those before action is taken on you. You have to be strict on this subject.

5) Use of hand set or phones.

At the beginning of each lecture, inform students, using hand phone or sets is strictly prohibited. Likewise, ideally, the lecturer or penceramah should also set a good example.

6) Sleeping or dozing off.

Being adults, many who attended this course, tend to do the above. Be extremely strict on this. You have to take immediate action.

Students who appear sleepy can be advised to go wash their faces. Or even given special permission to take a smoke outside. Or sent to the canteen to take a quick drink.

Make sure however, no student takes advantage or misuses this privilege.

7) Dress code of “etika” dressing.

J.P.J. officials are extremely concerned with this. One official who “spot checked” my class just recently said, “If we don’t enforce good discipline and correct ethics now itself, how are we to produce well disciplined drivers later on”.

For this purpose, you’ll have to refer the guidelines issued to all institutes on shoes, shirts and trousers.

Both lady students as well as men or boys should follow very strictly to these rules and regulations. If unsure, ask the official himself for assistance.

8) Class sit in.

Of course, if time permits, the official who has come to do a spot check on your K.P.P. class or lecture, would most probably like to sit a while behind the class to see you teach.

Remember, his mission coming to your class is not to find fault with you. Be positive, he is only there, believe me, to lend a helping hand. That’s what officials or “pegawai” are for anyway!

These are but some suggestions or recommendations that I would like to share or “kongsi” with you should you be visited by an official in the near future.

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  1. MAHDI MOHAMED December 30, 2011 at 5:16 pm - Reply

    I am a foreigner who had registered driving school in Shah Alam in january,2011 and am told to sit for the computer test with in one year but unfortunately i will be having an operation on january 3rd 2012 which means i cannot sit for that test during the recomended period so what should i do? can i extend the period?

    Need your help n the best way to get out of this matter.


    • Cikgu Yap January 2, 2012 at 7:45 pm - Reply

      The period for your L cannot be extended. If the Highway Code dies, sit for it all over.

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