Commenting The Manual Procedure In Conducting Of Tests

My Second Comment

The above was launched on the 21st May 2009. Shortly afterwards, I made a first comment on it. A few things which required to be commented upon had been done. Now that approximately 4 – 5 months have since elapsed, more and more things have since come to light and rightly a further comment can now be made.

Candidates are now tested in groups or sessions. Each session comprise of 50 – 60 candidates. Its good has already been commented upon in the earlier post.

Students appearing for the day’s test have now to report to the institute’s office to register. Upon registration, each candidate is given a card bearing a number. They then assembled in a special area, after getting their JPJL3 test cards.

Half an hour before the session is scheduled to begin, an official will conduct an half an hour briefing. Candidates are informed the rules and regulations of the day’s test.

The above all goes to point out that the present system appears to be better organized. With candidates no longer allowed to come late and instructors no longer permitted into the “waiting areas” where candidates are waiting for their test to begin.

Everything appears to be well under control.

Unlike in previous cases, where instructors and candidates mingle, people walking freely here and there, the entire place represents a fish market.

That’s not the situation with the “Manual Procedure” now.

Less time is wasted in locating a student. In previous occasions, instructors freely take their candidates out for breakfast and lunch. While testers and test officials shout away, calling the candidates number and names, presently under the Manual Procedure system, things now have altered for the better.

In my opinion, the present situation has turned positive.

Indeed, things have indeed improved. Credit must be given where credit is due.

Syabas! For the Manual Procedure has achieved what many have not expected it to achieve.

Today’s article solely touches upon the present manner students report themselves prior to their day’s tests.

In the next article perhaps, other aspects will be commented upon. It must not be forgotten however, if there should be negative aspects, rest assured comments will also be made.

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  1. Kevin March 25, 2012 at 1:59 pm - Reply

    Hi Cikgu yap,

    This forum is great.

    I have a car license for 18 years class D.
    Would now like to pick up motorcycle riding.
    Can I just go to JPJ and get a L license?
    Or do I need to pay those crony driving schools for the kursus and certificate?


    • Cikgu Yap March 29, 2012 at 9:10 am - Reply

      JPJ cannot issue you an L license. See a driving institute to help you.

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