Correct Attire To Wear When Taking Driving Lessons

Many students, either boys or girls, do not seem to know what attire they should don, when they go for “driving lessons“. It’s very unfortunate, “instructors” themselves do not make it a point to focus on this issue.

After many years in this field, students of mine are always reminded the proper “attire” they have to wear when coming for their driving lessons or “tuition”.

1) Do not wear slippers. Wear shoes! Slippers wearing in Malaysia is rather predominant. By wearing slippers and not shoes, we’re in fact courting danger. In times of emergency, when “emergency” brakes have to be applied, slippers sometime get “stucked” to the accelerator, or go “flying all over the place”. Anyway, wearing shoes and socks appear much neater.

The J.P.J. authorities require students to wear shoes. Not wearing shoes, will cause both the “student” and his “instructor” being summoned.

2) Do not wear short skirts or revealing clothes. This problem is not too acute with boys. It’s the girls or ladies that gives us the problem. Therefore, girls and ladies, do please take note. Why no short skirts and revealing clothes?

The majority of instructors are 80 – 90% men. When instructors tutor a student be it boys, men, girls or ladies, where do they “focus” their attention on most of the time? Down below where the clutch, brakes and accelerator is! They are in fact concentrating on your “legs”, to see if you’re using your legs, or your “footwork” correctly.

Malaysian candidates step or apply brakes with the right foot. Do you know there are students who use their “left” foot when asked to apply brakes? This is definitely Wrong techniques. So to make the long story short, ladies and gentlemen, do not wear short skirts and thigh revealing clothes when going for driving lessons.

Please do not distract the poor instructor further. He already has his eyes full on the road. Anyway, in case you are unaware, if the J.P.J. were to stop a driving school car, with a “lady” in short skirt and revealing attire, he will be “summoned” right away.

3) As I said earlier, boy or man learners are simpler to handle. Attire wise, they give less problems. I must apologies for making this statement. The truth hurts, but it has to be made. The message has to be put across.

Ladies including girls, do wear your glasses (spectacles) if you are “short sighted”. Problem with the female group is, they seem to dislike wearing “glasses”. So what happens is, they conveniently leave their glasses at home.

I know this for the truth. The female gender actually do this while coming for their “lessons”. As an instructor, I have experienced lady students who actually can’t see “straight”. I admit I do not know all my students well. Some are recommended to me.

What happens when I begin teaching or tutoring them? I keep adjusting the “steering wheel” to avoid them hitting “telecom” poles and getting into big-big holes. It’s even worse when they finally are even about to crash into “T.N.B.” poles.

When the above happens, I always ask myself “What’s happening?” If I can see the huge T.N.B. (electricity) poles, why can’t she see? Eventually, when I asked the candidate, Do you wear glasses? The answer is “Yes”! So where are your glasses? At home she replies. Why do you leave them at home for? For your grandma to use?

Finally, a reminder again, especially the girls, and the ladies, bring your glasses, wear your contact lens and whatever else, when you appear for your driving lessons with me! Wearing glasses do not make you any uglier in any way. Actually, you may even look beautiful. Anyway, having to push the “steering” a hundred and one times in one hour because you can’t see well, is no joke! It’s irritating!

To end this short but important article, a word of praise must be made to the boys. Boys who can’t see well and wear “spectacles” or “glasses”, well most come with them on.

The boys do not seems to care how they look. They just want to “drive”. Their mission seems to be “Ada lesen lebih penting”. Or maybe, they wear “glasses” because they want to see the opposite gender. Well, I really don’t know. Girls, you have to ask them yourselves.

Three good, solid reasons are enough for this article. As such, this article entitled “The correct attire to wear or don when one comes for driving lessons with their instructor” ends here.

Well as the saying goes, “Two is company. Three is already a crowd” Adios!

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  1. Carl August 18, 2009 at 11:06 pm - Reply

    Interesting article which raises some valid points which very rarely get discussed. I agree with the slippers suggestion, if footwear is slip on or loose, they will only be a hazard to the driver not to mention the horrible thought of them coming off whilst in mid-exam!

    I think the clothing aspect is purely personal opinion as I dont think people wear specific items of clothing for any particular reason when they take their lessons however the flip side is that certain types of clothing can cause distraction and that will only cause problems also.

    Either way, interesting blog post none the less.

  2. driving lessons ashford kent August 28, 2009 at 7:34 am - Reply

    Excellent article answers some of the FAQ’s asked by students learning to drive. I agree with the fact that correct footwear can affect your performance in the car, and revealing clothing can distract the driver. But mostly many people do not wish to wear their glasses because of the way they look, but it is essential for them to be able to see properly if they wish to pass their test. Thanks. Walter.

  3. Amardil December 29, 2011 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    Cikgu Yap,

    Someone told me that you need to carry your ‘L’ licence as well as your ‘P’ licence when you are driving using ‘P’ licence. Is this true?


    • Cikgu Yap December 30, 2011 at 8:06 pm - Reply

      “L” not needed.

    • Amardil December 31, 2011 at 11:42 am - Reply

      Thanks Cikgu Yap.

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