Datsun 120Y vs Perodua Kancil 660

The most widely used driving school vehicle in the 1970’s and 80’s was undoubtedly the Datsun 120Y. And what represents the most widely used driving school today? Undoubtedly, the Perodua Kancil 660.

Just for fun sake, what if we were to carry out a comparison to see which of the two above vehicles would emerge as the winner.

To do the above, we shall endeavor to compare and contrast all possible aspects so as to arrive as a fair conclusion.

1) Price wise.

During its heyday, the Datsun 120Y costs around RM9000 – RM10,000. The Kancil 660 fetches anything of between RM20,000 and RM24,000. But remember, while the Datsun is 1200 cc, the Kancil is only 660 cc.

Finally, which would be considered the better car to be used by driving schools? The verdict? It’s a draw. Both have given and rendered valuable services.

2) Petrol consumption.

Here the Kancil 660 wins hands down. Kancil’s consumption is above 40km a liter. Compared with the Datsun 120Y, we get less than 30km per liter. So using the Kancil is definitely much cheaper as compared to the Datsun. The verdict? The Kancil wins obviously.

3) Protection wise of safety aspect.

The Datsun 120Y being larger compared with Kancil 660 is deemed by far the safer car. The Datsun, if it were to be involved in an accident, would provide better protection to both learner and instructor as compared to the Kancil 660. The verdict? The Datsun 120Y wins.

4) Spare parts wise.

Having used both models rather extensively, the Datusn 120Y appears much more durable. Parts are cheaper. There are much more 2nd hand parts available for the Datsun 120Y as compared to the Kancil 660.

Although smaller, the Kancil’s clutch is surprisingly rather durable. Overall, although both are Japanese models, maintenance for the Kancil 660 appears costlier. The verdict? Again, it’s a draw.

5) Learning wise.

Which of the 2 models is the more difficult to learn in?

Being bigger, definitely the Dutsun 120Y is heavier. So when learning parking, much more strength is required to pull the steering. Ladies will feel the strain more as compared to men.

Being smaller and lighter, the Kancil will be much liked by the weaker gender. To judge, a Kancil would be much easier compared to learning a Datsun 120Y. The verdict? Kancil 660 wins.

6) Road wise.

Kancil 660 being small, learning in it therefore becomes easier. Students tend to learn and progress faster than if they were to learn in a Datsun 120Y. The Kancil, without doubt is a much easier vehicle to handle as compared to the Datsun 120Y. Which of the 2 cars wins in this aspect? The verdict? I would choose the Kancil 660 to win.

7) Competency.

Between Datsun 120Y and the Kancil 660, which car would give you better the ability to handle a vehicle eventually?

Driving a heavier and bigger car, which the Datsun 120Y is, compared to the Kancil, obviously the Datsun is the vehicle to provide you better driving capability. You might also end up being able to handle bigger cc cars eventually.

Learning in a larger cc car which the Datrun 120Y is, obviously has its “plus” factor. The verdict? Again, the Datrun 120Y wins.

8) Road tax wise.

With a capacity or power of only 660 cc, the Kancil road tax amounts to RM20 per annum only. Compared this to the Datsun 120Y’s 1298 cc, the road tax amounts to over RM150 a year. So, without doubt, the Kancil is a plus over the Datsun. The verdict? Kancil 660 wins!

With nearly all aspects compared and contrasted, between the 2 models of vehicles used by driving schools and the institutes, namely the Datsun 120Y on the one hand, and the Kancil 660 on the other, the result is:

Draw:   Kancil : 2   Datsun: 2
Wins:   Kancil: 4   Datsun : 2

The final verdict then is in favour of the Kancil 660 being the better vehicle to be used by driving schools and institutes throughout the country.

Anyway, it was a close fight all the way. If anything, comparing and contrasting the 2 models have been rather fun.

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  1. Nisreen December 23, 2011 at 5:31 pm - Reply

    I have both (Kancil 660 1999 and Datsun 120Y 1977),
    I like to drive Datsun more than kancil

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