There are some who are eager to know how Driving Schools operate in Malaysia. Basically, there are a few rules and regulations which must be followed. Unlike other businesses, driving schools have to be approved by the authorities concerned before the business is permitted to operate.

1) Permit – The Transport Department is responsible for the issuance of Driving School permits.

2) Registration of Business – Like other businesses, Driving Schools must also be registered with the R.O.C (Registrar Of Companies).

3) Office – Its office of operation is necessary. Nowadays, its no longer allowed to operate from “Kedai Kopi” or homes.

4) S.M. 2 or S.P.I.M Holders – The people operating the Driving School business would ideally be “S.M 2” or S.P.I.M (Sijil Pengajar Institusi Memandu) holders. Holders of the certificate must Renew their “Sijil” to teach yearly.

5) Income Tax Declaration – Like all business companies, driving schools must submit or declare their yearly income to the I.R.B (Inland Revenue Board).

6) Contribute To SOCSO and E.P.F (Employee Provident Fund) – All driving school personnel, be it clerks or “pengajar-pengajar” or “instructors” make contributions to the above.

7) Vehicles – Vehicles, especially those used for “instructing students” driving undergo inspection by the Puspakom authorities once every 6 months. Vehicles are also insured for purpose of providing “driving tuition” to students.

8) Renewal of Permits – Every 2 – 3 years, driving schools have to have their permits renewed. Officials from the Department visit / check offices to ensure all Rules and Regulations are strictly adhered prior to being allowed to be renewed.

9) Driving schools which do not conform to Rules and Regulations will have their permits canceled or suspended.

When talking of “driving schools” and its operations, the same applies also to “institutes”.

Except that in the case of Institutes, they operate on a much larger scale as compared to the former.

However, it must be borne in mind, the driving school is slowly but surely being driven out of competition by the larger institutes. Will we one day see the demise of the Driving School industry? This is yet to be seen.

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