How Driving Schools Operate In Malaysia

There are some who are eager to know how Driving Schools operate in Malaysia. Basically, there are a few rules and regulations which must be followed. Unlike other businesses, driving schools have to be approved by the authorities concerned before the business is permitted to operate.

1) Permit – The Transport Department is responsible for the issuance of Driving School permits.

2) Registration of Business – Like other businesses, Driving Schools must also be registered with the R.O.C (Registrar Of Companies).

3) Office – Its office of operation is necessary. Nowadays, its no longer allowed to operate from “Kedai Kopi” or homes.

4) S.M. 2 or S.P.I.M Holders – The people operating the Driving School business would ideally be “S.M 2” or S.P.I.M (Sijil Pengajar Institusi Memandu) holders. Holders of the certificate must Renew their “Sijil” to teach yearly.

5) Income Tax Declaration – Like all business companies, driving schools must submit or declare their yearly income to the I.R.B (Inland Revenue Board).

6) Contribute To SOCSO and E.P.F (Employee Provident Fund) – All driving school personnel, be it clerks or “pengajar-pengajar” or “instructors” make contributions to the above.

7) Vehicles – Vehicles, especially those used for “instructing students” driving undergo inspection by the Puspakom authorities once every 6 months. Vehicles are also insured for purpose of providing “driving tuition” to students.

8) Renewal of Permits – Every 2 – 3 years, driving schools have to have their permits renewed. Officials from the Department visit / check offices to ensure all Rules and Regulations are strictly adhered prior to being allowed to be renewed.

9) Driving schools which do not conform to Rules and Regulations will have their permits canceled or suspended.

When talking of “driving schools” and its operations, the same applies also to “institutes”.

Except that in the case of Institutes, they operate on a much larger scale as compared to the former.

However, it must be borne in mind, the driving school is slowly but surely being driven out of competition by the larger institutes. Will we one day see the demise of the Driving School industry? This is yet to be seen.

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  1. JamesD June 11, 2009 at 5:23 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  2. sonia June 8, 2010 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    I went 2 first kursus on 9.12.2009 after my SPM, and after the 2nd kursus I immediately started my 14 hrs driving classes. After a gap of two months…my driving school arranged for the test on 9th March, 2010. I failed and I took another test on 23rd March 2010 where I passed my road but failed mountain.
    Again I did my mountain on 24th April 2010 but failed. After tht the driving school couldn’t arrange for my test saying no place available for test as its always booked. As I started my college on 10th May, 2010 I waiting until last week to get another test date i.e. on June 8,2010 but she said again all fully booked and booked me for 16th June,2010. I paid in advance for the test and 2 hrs driving class on 3rd June itself. I thought within the holidays I could manage to pass. But the stupid driving school called me this morning claiming tht all are booked on 16th June…and I have to take on 29th or next month July. Bythen I have to renew my licence for the 2nd time too….I thnik I’m being cheated by this driving school. Pls help me how to complain or get my rights to do my test instead of renewing the licence and taking more N more classes again.

    • Cikgu Yap June 9, 2010 at 9:45 am - Reply

      At times, driving school find it hard to secure the test date you wish. But, being unable to get you your date want for Part 2 so many times appears slightly absurd.

      Talk to your driving instructor nicely. Inform you’ll give them a final chance. Failure to get you your date you want, go see the state JPJ Director nearest to you.

  3. azrina April 28, 2012 at 12:21 pm - Reply

    I need an advice regarding this matter: i registered for my driving tutorial way back in 2010, on and off for my driving tutorial because of my busy schedule of working and studying. My previous tutor was an old lady which for me is a good and experienced tutor but as she is having a problem that she could not tolerate with her time (she has to look after her sick husband) and her time is very limited, she passed down to her son.

    When i was learning the driving skill from her son, he would want me to pay in advance for every tutorial which for me is normal but then he usually cut the time short. I pay him RM100 for each tutorial which lasts for two hours but there are times when he sent me home early 30minutes or 15minutes and never pay back the time unlike his mother, when she sent me home early she would mention to me that i still have 20minutes from her.

    In order to finish my driving tutorial and getting my licence before the time is up, i commence again my driving tutorial in early this year. I have the skill already but the tutor keep on adding time and i feel somewhat cheated when last thursday, i went for QTI and have paid RM100 but he asked me to pay another RM100 saying that i owe him the early morning tutorial. I was never taught that day, i went to the school compound and use the driving area by myself, and the QTI were never done properly, i never went to the road for the test. I questioned him but he said its the way they do the QTI test.

    On saturday i have another class with him and sunday and so does early morning on monday before the JPJ test. I was a bit dissapointed when i get to know from the other student who were sitting for the JPJ test that they were given “free” charges by using the driving school compound area to practise their driving skill, whilst i have to pay twice the price and i am not very happy with it. I wish to complaint but i do not know to whom should i write the complaint letter to. Please advice on how am i going to do this ethically. Thank you very much.

    • Cikgu Yap May 2, 2012 at 10:30 pm - Reply

      You appear to be having problems regarding time and collection of money. Unfortunately, only you alone can solve it.

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