In Malaysia, we often hear of “illegal” or “haram” taxis. In short, these are taxis without the proper permits to run the business.

Readers have regularly asked about “illegal” or “haram” driving schools in Malaysia operating in the midst of their society.

Much as I dislikes to delve on the issue, nevertheless the public has to be duly informed.

What exactly is an “illegal” or “haram” driving school? Briefly, these schools are operated by a person or persons operating a driving school business without the proper documents or certificates. In short, the person running the driving school, in reality does not have the “Permission” to conduct such a business.

Some may ask “What’s the difference between a legal and a non legal or haram driving school?”

Amongst other things, all driving schools operators in Malaysia possess:

1) Permits known as S.M. 1 issued by the Transport Department.

2) Vehicles used for driving tuition have S.M. 3 certificates.

3) Driving Instructors possesses the S.M. 2 certificates to teach the students.

4) The “cars” possess the proper insurance coverage.

5) Finally, among many other things, all driving schools cars must undergo a compulsory 6 monthly inspection by the Puspakom authorities. Completely new cars are inspected once a year.

There are many other important items which I am unable to touch at this juncture.

What is the most important item of difference between the illegal driving school and the proper and legitimate driving school?

The answer is “insurance coverage”! Can you ever imagine what’s going to happen to a candidate who is involved in any accident?

So it is hoped from hence forth, all responsible parents and guardians should make it their interest to ensure their children receive their driving tuition from qualified, approved driving institutes and instructors.

How does one identify whether a driving school or institute is a proper, qualified and approved driving institution? Actually it is quite simple.

An approved driving school / institute vehicle have the necessary “L” signs embossed on the both the front and rear end of the car. The company’s logo, name and address is also printed boldly on both sides of the car.

Finally, is there any advantage of one seeking to receive “driving tuition” from an illegal entity? Are these people going to charge you or your child a fee that’s much cheaper than the approved driving school / institute?

Due to less overhead costs, the illegal operators may charge you a lower fee, but is it worth it? Think it over carefully before you regret over your action!

Up to the present stage, no unfortunate or unforeseen incident has yet happened or reported. But then, you’ll never know. As the saying goes, “Anything Can Happen!”

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