What’s The Best Car To Learn Driving In Malaysia?

Some readers would like to know the answer to the above question. The above can only be viewed from the driving school or institute’s perspective. From the personal point of view of a reader, nothing much can be done.

Even if a learner wishes to learn in a particular brand of vehicle, he or she will have little choice except to learn in the type of vehicle the driving school uses.

The present type of car used by most driving schools or institutes is the Perodua Kancil. Compared to other cars, the Perodua Viva for example, the Kancil’s small size and good fuel consumption is a plus compared with other models.

The Kancil can easily deliver a 200 – 250 km mileage on a full tank. Lower mileage will cost the driving school higher costs. Eventually, this would be passed on to the consumers, the learners, thus making driving fees more expensive.

A new Kancil costs around the range of RM20,000 – RM24,000. The cost is quite affordable. While the Kancil is slightly poor in terms of safety, due to its small size, it’s a nippy car. It is rather easy to control for both the potential learner and the instructor as well.

Talking about a car, one should obviously speak about “maintenance” itself. Kancil “spare parts” actually are rather expensive. The “clutch” is however able to withstand “rough” use.

Surprisingly, Kancil’s clutch can last longer compared to a Proton Saga’s clutch system. This point alone makes the Kancil a good car to be used when compared to other models, the Viva for example.

As mentioned earlier, although spare parts are little more expensive, one should remember there are a lot of 2nd hand parts available in 2nd hand market. If you hunt around industriously for 2nd hand spare parts for your little Kancil, you should be in no trouble finding almost anything for your car.

If we’re to say the Kancil possesses all good points and no bad points, then this would be a “fallacy”.

As a small car, without saying, it is therefore dangerous. The seats are from lower quality materials compared to more expensive models. The air-con is not as cold for one. If you are a Kancil owner, and you know better of it compared to Myvi, you’ll realize the Kancil’s suspension isn’t anything to shout about either.

Besides, a potential learner having learnt in a Kancil, might end up being unable to handle a bigger c.c. car, for example a Proton Neo, Perodua Viva or any larger c.c. cars around.

To solve the above problem, what we could do is to revert back to the use of other models in the final stages of one’s learning. By doing this, students would benefit to this program.

Looking back into the history of cars that has so far been used in the driving school industry, namely the Mini, Datsun 120Y, Datsun 1200, Mazda, Morris-Minor and even the Viva, the Kancil appears to be the most suitable model for learners to learn driving in.

With the completion of this short article, it’s hoped that the question of which car model is most suitable for learner driver to be tutored in, therefore comes to an end.

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  1. Dan February 2, 2012 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    Hey guys :) …am a 6’2 ft and am having major problems getting my license here in malaysia.

    Next week i’ll be taking my practical training for driving, and all they’ve got is those tiny kancil cars. I tried to drive the car yesterday and i just couldn’t even get in!

    I asked if they had bigger cars but they didn’t! …any ideas on what to do?

    • Cikgu Yap February 3, 2012 at 11:33 pm - Reply

      Obviously, you’re too tall for Kancil. I suggest you withdraw from the present driving school. Look for a driving school that uses either a Viva or Myvi. Hopefully, these 2 cars are big enough for you. Failing which, you’ll have to go back from where you came from.

  2. Jack Philip Yong April 14, 2012 at 9:49 pm - Reply

    Datsun Cherry 1000 E10, Datsun 100A F10 are the best car for driving school learning in Malaysia.

    • Cikgu Yap April 15, 2012 at 4:52 pm - Reply

      I’m tended to agree with you.

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