There comes a time when a person has to make a decision, to buy a brand new car or a second hand one. Various pros and cons have to be considered. The final decision however will depend solely upon the person who is buying the car himself or herself.

Today, I will put forward various pros and cons that favour the buying a new vehicle and that of buying a second hand vehicle. You have to weigh both the pros and cons before you arrive at a decision.

Reasons to support your buying a brand new car:-

1) A new car provides you with pride and prestige.

A brand new vehicle obviously will bring you a certain amount of pride and prestige. You will certainly be the proud owner of a new car as compared to a second hand one.

And especially if you are owning a model such as a Mercedes, Volvo or a BMW vehicle. A salesman, who owns one of the above cars, will find that his business will be in a way affected by the type of vehicle be owns.

2) Better service and performance.

New cars obviously tend to provide you better service and performance as compared to a second hand one. Without a doubt, a new car or vehicle will tend to provide you with a better performance or better service all round.

They can, as they say, provide you with reliable services, and fewer breakdowns. Therefore with new cars, you can rely on your new vehicles to provide you with the confidence that you expect from them!

3) Vehicle warranty.

New cars have warranty to cater for breakdowns as compared to vehicles which are slowly undergoing deterioration.

Most new vehicles possess a warranty period of approximately 5 years. If within a 5 year period, a new vehicle should breakdown, then the warranty calls for the agents or distributors to be responsible for repairs and upkeep of the new vehicle.

4) Better fuel efficiency.

New cars are more fuel efficient as compared to older second hand cars. New vehicles are said to be able to give the owner better fuel consumption. This means a new vehicle will be able to provide lesser costs of maintenance to the owner.

5) Better resale value.

New vehicles have a higher resale value. Where resale value of cars are concerned, it is believed that new cars possess a higher resale value as compared to a second hand car.