Many factors cause road accidents, for example, one of the most important factors that is said to contribute to road mishaps must surely be the behavior of motorists itself.

Human beings are said to possess negative aspects of conduct. There are some drivers who are ill tempered or easily agitated. Yet others are show offs. They tend to drive fast to show others that they are indeed good drivers and possess special qualities, especially where driving in concerned.

On the other hand, drivers who own positive aspects of behavior, like understanding, careful and show lots of respect for other road users are those who go on to avoid road accidents.

Drivers who are well mannered on the road besides being courteous and are responsible drivers. They will not only become good examples to other road users as a whole, but at the same time contribute towards the decrease of road accidents.

Drivers and motorcyclists should in fact possess good manners. At the same times, they should also be considerate people as well. Pedestrians and cyclists who frequent the roads should be accorded the proper behavior which they deserve.

Drivers and motorcyclists should see to it that they respect and follow the rules and regulations that is expected of them on the road. They should not be easily irritated by other road users. They should remain calm and cool at all times.

Drivers who are badly behaved can easily be seen in their actions such as speeding excessively, besides dangerously overtaking without due consideration for other traffic and road users. Other ways in which such bad drivers demonstrate their poor behavior are:
i) Non usage of signals correctly.

ii) Random use of horns without due care.

iii) Driving their vehicles using only one hand while putting their other hand on the side of the vehicle.

iv) Obstructing traffic with their manner of parking.

v) Driving inconsiderately in the centre of the road thereby preventing other road users from overtaking them.

vi) Driving fast across muddy areas thereby splashing water / mud on other road users.

vii) Besides what has already been mentioned prior to this, there exists other actions by drivers which could also be said to lacking decorum and should ideally not be condoned by us. Among some of those actions are:
i) Driving excessively fast even though vision is poor, especially during heavy thunderstorms.

ii) Inconsiderately using high lights thereby causing other road users much inconvenience.

iii) Overtaking at dangerous places such as winding areas where vision is said to be poor.

In Malaysia, the use of alcohol is something that is not encouraged. As such drivers are advised to avoid the use of this content wherever possible. Not only does the use of alcohol affect a driver’s anticipation, it also decreases a driver’s mental capabilities as well. Statistics have shown the usage of alcohol increases the rate of accidents.

Positive behaviors among drivers should be instilled into a driver who is responsible. For instance, drivers who drive huge vehicles like trailers, lorries and buses should accord due respect to smaller vehicles. This regulation in fact is being practiced in our neighboring country of Thailand where the law there insists such manner of behavior be adopted.

Likewise when motorists happen to observe the presence of blind people on the road or the disabled folks trying to cross the road, motorists as well as pedestrians should offer assistance to these unfortunate people. Motorists especially should stop their vehicles to offer these people assistance to cross the road. Pedestrians on the other hand should assist these people in crossing the road.

The above are some of the ways and means advocated so that road users could adopt to make the roads of our country safe and if possible reduce road accidents. In the way, Malaysians could then be labeled as a loving society, which truly cares for its less unfortunate members of the society.