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To Coast Or Not To Coast, That’s The Question

The question of fuel has always been a contention amongst drivers. Certain latest brands of cars are of “hybrid” models. Hybrid cars run on a combination of battery power and petrol.

Drivers around the world have tried ways and means to save on petrol. That brings us to the question our blog readers have asked regarding what’s called “coasting”.

Basically, it is meant to mean “putting the car in free gear” and allow the car to roll along. Experts on fuel consumption seem to agree to the notion that doing this saves fuel.

So as the question has been asked, let us attempt to tackle the solution.

Whether it is correct to coast or roll along as we drive is another factor altogether.

There are a few situations where one can safely do the above. Let’s say you have accelerated and picked up speed, going into 3rd gear. Then you see a roundabout ahead. 20 – 30 cars are lining up at the traffic light. It would be ridiculous, to me at least to change into 4th gear and charge along towards the jam that’s ahead. You’ll surely agree to my line of thought.

So, what does one do in such a situation? Any sane thinking person, without saying, should actually put the gear in neutral and coast along.

What we are actually doing is, using the momentum of the car to roll along in free gear until the point we have to stop.

The vehicle running along by itself, would most definitely not consume any fuel or petrol. Get the idea?

Therefore, this method of driving or coasting as some call it, will eventually consume less petrol. Try it yourself once in a while. The you can always let me know the difference in your monthly petrol bill.

Actually, you have nothing to lose anyway.

Coasting At The Toll Plaza

Another example regarding where you can try my suggestion of coasting is the “toll plaza”.

Rushing or driving along towards a toll plaza, you see 40 – 50 cars lining up. Build up your speed to 40 -50 km/h. But you know, it is of no use. You eventually have to wait at least 5 – 10 minutes anyway.

It is of any use of you speeding along in such a fast speed? The answer is again no! So we wise by friend.

The next time, when you see a long que of cars at any toll plaza, do the right thing. Think of the amount of fuel or petrol that you would be wasting if rush ahead to the toll plaza, as if the world is about to come to an end.

You behavior, I would compared it to being “crazy”. Please excuse my words. But, if the truth hurts, well, that’s the way it is.

So again, my dear friend, do the correct and wise thing. Put your car in neutral or free gear, use your momentum that you have already gained, roll along smoothly.

Believe me, you’d certainly be saving a lot of your monthly petrol bill.

Anyway, I’m certain you can think for yourself my suggestion. As they say a “suggestion either remains to be taken or chucked away, anyway”.

Let me quote you on another example before this short article comes to an end. If you are a regular visitor to Genting Highlands resort, you’ll surely know what I mean.

At certain stretches along, at times, for a few kilometers. This is where you have the opportunity to use this idea of mine into practice. Put the car again in neutral of free gear, coast or roll along, careful with the brakes, controlling the speed as when necessary, and you can cost roll along.

The car going downhill by itself. Who knows, by doing this, you might very well end up recovering your earlier misfortune at the casino.

But there appears one thing I must advise you. Do not do it during the rain! Or even immediately after the rain.

Believe me, the road downhill is tremendously slippery and treacherous. I have myself seen, on numerous occasion, express buses landing up in the ravines.

“Suggest” I may, but I wouldn’t want to be responsible for your landing up in the ditches.

Good bye and drive carefully.

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  1. Sen January 6, 2011 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    Today only I passed my driving trial.
    I have this habit of coasting in gear in situations like above. However the instructor told me to use the brakes first and disengage the clutch only at the last moment.
    I keep the vehicle in the appropriate gear for the current speed (I change gears while coasting but do not release the clutch unless I had to push the gas peddle) so there is no problem with the control of the vehicle. I can apply gas in an instant if I had to. I find this method helps me to handle the vehicle very smoothly.
    Is there anything wrong with my method? Thank you.

    • Cikgu Yap January 12, 2011 at 7:56 pm - Reply

      Coasting and hypermiling only meant for experienced drivers. Those learning how to drive, please avoid using it.

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