Driving Directions From Klang Town To Kuala Lumpur

I still remember the bridge that connects North and South Klang which was built across the Klang River in the 1950s.

When completed, this hanging bridge was never used. It was not capable to accommodate the normal weight of traffic that was expected of it to bear. It was further said that the engineer responsible for the construction of the bridge had forgotten to include the weight of 2 large pipes which were supposedly were used to carry water from Klang North to Klang South. The hanging bridge was to become a white elephant to Klang residents.

Later on, this bridge was finally dismantled. The British engineer responsible for this project was reported to have committed suicide as a result of his failure.

Continuing with today’s article of explaining to readers who happen to come into Klang town for the first time, or for those who are not too familiar with the traffic movement in Klang today, permit me to explain to you how one crosses the Klang River one intends to go to the Federal Highway via Shah Alam and Batu Tiga.

Assuming a motorist is approaching Klang South from either Kuala Langat or the Banting area, or maybe you might be driving in from Port Klang, which suitable way should one be advised to take?

The best alternative and quickest was to cross the Klang River, would be to if from Port Klang to go up the flyover as you approach the LaSalle School or Hin Hua Chinese Secondary School. In fact, a motorist would be traveling up Fort Road into the bridge adjacent to the Klang Town Council Municipal building situated on the left hand side.

Cross the bridge and travel up along the new flyover which has been recently completed after 4 years by contractor SPAZ since 2009, across the Bulatan Seratus, which is down below, heading smoothly into the Berkeley Gardens round about. Continue traveling smoothly up the flyover and this will take you right into the Bukit Rajah toll plaza which along the Federal Highway.

If you should be using either Touch and Go or Smart Card, you will only need a few seconds getting through this once notorious toll. Well, you are now on your way to Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya in less than 10 minutes at the most. That, my friend is what it takes to get you to the federal capital of Kuala Lumpur.

To believe what I am advocating, this fact can only be proven if only you take a journey through Klang soon. But it should be remembered that occasionally a few unforeseen jams might occur from time to time. This might therefore tend to make you disbelieve what I am advocating in this article.

What I just wrote is similar for both motorists who are either approaching Klang South from Banting or from Port Klang area into Klang South. Alternatively, if you are approaching the Simpang Tujuh round about in Klang from Kuala Lumpur or Port Klang, and you should find the road up Fort Hill is jammed occasionally, either you are to take a short cut cornering into Jalan Raja Barat, which leads to both the A.C.S. Secondary School or the Methodist Girl School.

Travel straight along this Jalan Raja Barat, take a short right hand corner behind the Klang South Police Station, then approach a traffic light near Little India, turn left up into the Musaeddin Bridge, cross it and go straight ahead to the Klang North post office in front of Mydin Supermarket. This way has already been explained to readers in the earlier part of this article.

Alternatively also, a motorist who approaches the famous 100 Round About can choose to turn into the Little India area and thence into the Mussaeddin Bridge and again into the sub postal office of Klang North, which is in front of the Mydin Supermarket and the new round about which is just underneath the new flyover.

So much so for instructions on how to cross from Klang South if you should be coming in from Banting district and Pelabuhan Klang.

Manner and ways of how to cross Klang North across the notorious Klang River coming in from the Federal Highway and Kuala Lumpur will be touched upon in another article. Until then, safe driving is advocated to all readers. Do come to Klang town and you’ll find crossing from North to South of Klang and vice versa, a nice and enjoyable drive, unlike in the yesterdays.

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