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Many people do not know, the company Touch N Go has stopped selling the Smart Tag device used to automatically pay for your toll fee on all major highways in Malaysia back in 8th August 2018.

In a post published on the 8th August 2018 on the web portal Says.com:

Touch ‘n Go recently announced that it has ceased the sale of SmartTAGS and will soon replace it with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) stickers

In the post, it explained the main reason why Touch N Go company decided to stop selling the Smart Tag device.

The reason is to replace the Smart Tag with Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) stickers for automatic toll payment on the highways.

What is RFID system?

RFID technology is quite unique. It uses a sticker or tag fitted with a tiny RFID chip which is to be placed on the vehicle. Usually, the sticker will be adhered on the vehicle head lamp.

With RFID, toll payment can be done automatically when you reach the toll gate and the money reload can be done using the Touch ‘n Go application on your smartphone.

Personally, I am so confident on the effectiveness of using the RFID system for toll payment on the highway.

Many times I have seen cars going in the special lanes for RFID payment having to stop and reverse their car because it failed to initiate the auto payment and the toll gate did not open.

I still prefer to use my Touch N Go card to pay the toll on highways.

Lately, my wife asked me whether there is another way to pay toll without having to wind down the car window.

She has gotten sick and tired of getting herself and the inside of her car wet when she has to pay toll with her Touch N Go card during rainy days.

Other than the RIFD sticker, is there an alternative solution?

The obvious solution is using the Smart Tag but the Touch N Go company has stopped selling the device.

I have read a comments on Facebook saying that the Smart Tag are being sold at selected Petronas petrol station.

Which Petronas station is still selling the Smart Tag?

I have been to a few Petronas station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to enquire about the Smart Tag device. However, none of the stations are selling it.

When I wasn’t able to find a new Smart Tag in the market, I’ve actually tried searching for second hand device.

I’ve actually found a few people on Facebook who are willing to sell their used Smart Tag device, but in the end I did not purchase from them because I wasn’t sure about its condition.

An alternative to Smart Tag

Luckily, I found an alternative to the Smart Tag device available in the market.

The device brand name is Max Tag.

I actually found the MaxTag device selling online on Lazada Malaysia.

The Max Tag unit selling price is also not very expensive and reasonably priced. The selling price for one unit is less than RM300.

On Lazada, it has more than 800 4 stars rating! That is a good social proof that the device is legit and many people are buying it.

From my research, I know that there are many features on the Max Tag.

But the main function of the device is that it has to be able to use the existing Touch N Go card and be able to pay toll automatically just like a Smart Tag.

How would I know a Max Tag device can be used to pay toll?

Well the only way to know for sure is to buy a unit of Max Tag and install it on my wife’s Perodua Myvi.

That was exactly what I did and I wrote about my experience with the Max Tag below.

Max Tag review

In this section, I will write a Max Tag review, the Smart Tag alternative device which I bought from Lazada Malaysia.

After I made my order on Lazada, my parcel was delivered to me within 3 working days by Lex Express.

The following are unboxing pictures of the Max Tag that I bought online.

Parcel dari Lex Express

Max Tag device received in good condition. The unit is nicely packed in bubble wrap by the seller.

Peranti Max Tag baru

The Max Tag device is nicely wrapped by the seller. So far so good.

Inside the parcel also includes 1x battery and 1x bracket holder.

Max Tag kad warranti

The Max Tag warranty card above. The unit comes with 1 year warranty.

Arahan penggunaan Max Tag

The instruction on how to install the battery in the Max Tag unit.

Max Tag Touch N Go

The Max Tag unit with a Touch N Go card inserted.

Max Tag made in

The Max Tag unit serial number. It is made in Malaysia with a MCMC Malaysia logo.


The Max Tag unit able to read a Touch N Go card. Nice!

Max Tag baki

Max Tag reading the money balance in the Touch N Go card.

Max Tag bracket

The bracket holder with double sided tape for the Max Tag unit.

Max Tag installed

Max Tag unit installed on the car wind screen.

After installing the Max Tag unit on my wife’s car, I drove the car into the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) to try it out.

Here, I can report that the Max Tag works as advertised.

Driving into the Smart Tag lane, as I approach the toll gate, there was a beep and the toll gate opened automatically.

I can see the toll fee was deducted from by Touch N Go card.

The conclusion

If you are currently searching for an alternative solution to the discontinued Smart Tag unit in the market, I hope this Max Tag review was helpful for you.

If you are keen to get the Max Tag unit for your car, please click the link below to get it from Lazada.

Click here to visit Lazada

(Download the Lazada app on your smartphone to view the offer)

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