Malaysian Driving Overseas

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This page was created as an information page for all Malaysian planning to go overseas and have the intention to drive there. Can you use your domestic license or do you need an international license?

The following is a list of web sites I have gathered which will provide you the information in regards to driving in foreign countries.

Driving in United Kingdom

1) Driving Regulations in UK

2) Driving in Great Britain (GB) on a licence issued in a European Community

3) Driving in UK as a student

4) Applying for a provisional driving licence

5) The cost of a driving licence

6) UK Vs USA – Driving Laws

Driving in Australia

1) Australian Traffic Rules

2) Permanent visa holders and New Zealand citizens

3) International riders

4) Australian Driving laws, offences and penalties

5) Driving in Australia For Tourist

Driving in Japan

1) Driving in Japan

2) Japanese Driver’s License and Driving Test Tips

Driving in Indonesia

1) Driving in Indonesia

2) Making a Driver’s License in Indonesia

3) Driving in Bali

Driving in New Zealand

1) Driving in New Zealand

Driving in China

1) Foreigners Can Apply for Temporary Driving License in China