Riding a motorcycle, without doubt is dangerous.

However, motorcycle riding can be made safer, provided a few important rules and regulations are followed.

It is recommended that those who intend to ride motorcycles, first and foremost should make it a point to use the correct gear or apparels which as extremely important for motorcycle riding.

Using the above would ensure the safety of riders whilst they are on the road. What essentially should priority be given to when one wishes to ride a motorcycle? It is none other than the safety helmets.

Safety helmets, first of all, should be Sirim approved helmets. Regarding helmets, riders should bear in mind that very recently, the authorities have banned the half-helmet version in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, the above helmet is very popular in the United States. It is reputed that half helmets are used mostly by lady motorcycle riders and traffic cops.

With regards to the wearing of motorcycle helmets, what important aspects should be given due consideration? Amongst the due considerations which should be accorded to it are:

i) Ensure that you wear helmets properly. Furthermore, it should also be comfortable. And obviously, helmets used should ideally be of a good standard. As stated earlier on, making sure it is Sirim approved one would be of great help.

ii) Some people may not be aware, but motorcycle helmets should ideally be brightly coloured. Why should helmets be of such nature, you may ask?

Brightly coloured helmets like yellow and white, have been found to be safer. It can be seen distinctly in the dark or gloomy weather.

iii) Another thing a rider should ensure is that a helmet should be laced with reflective bands.

iv) Safety helmets have a certain lifespan. Do make it a point to change your helmet if necessary.

v) When riding motorcycles, the use of visor or goggles or riding spectacles are of utmost importance. The above protect predominantly the eyes and face of a rider. Riders need to be protected from stones, insects and strong wind.

vi) Besides one’s face and eyes, other parts of the rider’s body also need protection as well. Leather jackets and jeans play an important part too.

vii) To protect a rider’s ankles and knees, motorcycle riders are advised to wear knee high leather boots.

Up to the point this article has only concentrated upon attire or motorcycle apparels.

Are these the only items or equipment that ensure the safety of a motorcycle rider? Certainly they are not!

To ride a motor safely, there are obviously other factors such as motorcycle maintenance.