He and Me Spectrum Review – Does The Spectrum Product Works

Not too long ago, a friend a mine asked me if I am familiar with the He and Me Spectrum product range.

HE and ME Spectrum

I told her honestly that I am not really familiar with them.

She asked me to check out their product and I am happy to do so.

If you have been reading my blog, you’ll know that I love to learn about new health and wellness product and technology in the market.

The He & Me Spectrum product range seems like a good place for me to continue my research and learning about health and wellness product available in the market.

As a disclaimer, I am not an agent nor a member of He & Me.

What is Spectrum Technology?

The first thing I wanted to know was, what is Spectrum technology?

To learn the answer to the above question, I visited the He and me Canai corporate website at canaime.com/.

This is what I’ve learnt about the Spectrum technology.

The micro-molecules in the human cells and object structure vibrate at a certain frequencies. The frequency wave formed during the vibration, a wave-like line structure, is known as Spectrum.

The material used to made all He and Me Spectrum product is call Spectrum fiber where it is infused with germanium.

What are the benefits of the germanium infused Spectrum fiber?

The following are the 3 benefits of the Spectrum fiber that I learnt from my research:

1) Activating tissue cells

For the first benefit, the fiber can produce effective spectrum functions to match with the resonance of the human cells thus activating tissue cells to help in effective cell excretion and metabolism.

2) Increase body temperature

The second benefit of the Spectrum fiber is help to increase body temperature.

If the fiber increases our body temperature, won’t we feel hot wearing the garment?

The Spectrum garment does not increase your body temperature by alot, only 1 to 2°C.

Many people do not now, due to stress and poor diet, the average body temperature of most modern day people measures around 35°C to 36°C instead of the normal 37°C.

This lower body temperature causes fatigue, depression, diseases and all sorts of ailments.

Therefore, a “warm body” enhances the immune system and helps the body to heal and fight off illnesses.

The He and Me Spectrum apparel can help to increase our body temperature by 1.8°C – 2.1°C.

Though it is only a slight increase in temperature, it will help our body to detoxify and strengthens our immune system and promotes healthy metabolism.

A warmer body will also help to energize our body and provides relief for body aches and pains and other ailments.

3) Improve body micro-circulation

The third benefit of the Spectrum fiber is help to improve the micro-circulation in our body.

The functions of our body micro-circulation are for the transportation of oxygen and nutrients throughout our body and also for detoxification.

When our body micro-circulation is bad, we will experience the following issues on the different parts of our body:

Skin – Saggy skin, crow’s feet on our face, eye bags and age spots.

Muscle joints – Soreness, varicose veins and arthritis.

Stomach – Indigestion, bloatedness, malnutrition and gastric reflux.

Brain – Dizziness, headache, insomnia, loss Of Memory and stroke.

Cardiovascular – Tightness in the chest, heart attack, angina and abnormal heart rhythms.

Endocrine and urinary system – Disease of thyroid, prostate, bladder and urinary infection.

When you wear He and Me Spectrum apparel, it can help to relieve all the above symptoms and disorders.

6 features of He & Me Spectrum garment and apparel

In this section, I will share with you the 6 features of the Spectrum garment and apparel by He and Me.

1) Spectrum fiber

As I’ve covered in the above section, the Spectrum fiber used to make the Spectrum product is able to activate tissue cells by normalising the cells at a healthy frequency, improve your body temperature by 1.8°C – 2.1°C and also improve your body micro-circulation.

2) Memory alloy strip

The Spectrum apparel is made with a type of unique alloy which fits into the user’s bodyline and then remembers the shape.

The benefit of this feature is as you wear the apparel for a longer period, it will become more and more comfortable because it is now molded into your bodyline.

3) Contains mineral stones

The material of the Spectrum clothing contains more than 70 kinds of rich trace elements.

These elements have high-speed vibration frequency which release far infrared rays (FIR).

FIR can help to improve our body immune system and also helps to warm our body.

4) Elastic irregular gauze

If you were to look at the material cross section under a microscope, you will see multi-angled and star-shaped woving.

The reason for such irregular woving is to increase the friction between the fiber and your body. This will help to hold your body fat in place.

5) Cleancool fabric

The fabric material is made with anti-bacterial and anto-odour properties.

It also absorb moisture quickly and quick drying.

The material is also soft, non-sticky and keeps your skin feeling cool and comfortable.

6) Titanium and germanium elements

The material is infused with titanium and germanium elements. These elements helps to regulate human biological static disorder and also helps to relieve muscle pain and fatigue.

Titanium and germainium also helps to balance the acidity and alkalinity level in your body.

Spectrum apparel and garment

In the section below, I will list down the individual He and Me Spectrum apparel and garment including its features and benefits.

1) Spectrum bra

Specturm bra

The Spectrum bra is made from 3 key ingredients which are the Spectrum fiber, Cleancool fabric and the mineral stones.

The bra is made with specially designed cup supports to enhance breast shape.

The bra design has a 8 – 12 cm wide shroud to flattens and smooths the back. It protects the chest to prevent back reflux and helps to burn excess fat through bi-static back massage.

With the Cleancool fabric, the bra is strong absorbent, breathable with anti-odour property.

The mineral stones are located at important points of the chest to promote blood circulation and enhance the absorption of nutrients, cleanse the lymph at the breast area, regulate hormones, activate the mammary gland, stimulate the pituitary hormone, promote the firmness of the breasts thus keeping them in shape.

The He and Me Spectrum bra comes in both black and camel colours.

2) Spectrum tummy pants

Spectrum pants

The Spectrum tummy pants comes in 9, 7, 5 and 3 inch. The pants are also made with the Spectrum fiber, Cleancool fabric and the mineral stones.

From the product name, you’ll know that the pants offer the most benefits at the leg, thigh and hip area of the wearer.

The tummy pants 3D dimensional hip cup design can help to flatten your belly, slimming at your thigh area and also prevent flabby abdomen.

The multi-directional hip lifting can also help to protect and prevent uterine prolapse.

The three mineral stones placed at important points can keep the uterus warm.

Writing this article will be an ongoing project. As I find new information from my research, I will continue to update this page.

In the meantime, I hope the content above has been helpful to you.

Note: Some of my blog readers have asked if I am selling the Spectrum garment. The answer is NO, I do not.

Again, as a disclaimer, I am not an agent nor a member of He & Me.

I am writing this article for my own record and learning only.

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