Some parents send their children to school. Others cycle to school. Still there are others who walk to school daily. There is a small group of pupils however who go to school by bus. Maybe you may wish to be a “school bus” driver. Like any other jobs, you should possess a few qualities to be a good school bus driver.

One, you have to like the idea of getting up early. Because as you know, school starts quite early. With the present day jam and what not, you have to be an early bird. Besides this, one should also like children. If you have no “rapport” with them, then you’re going to have problems controlling them. You must also have a good rapport with the students’ parents themselves as well.

If you choose to own a medium-sized “bas sekolah” or “school bus”, a Toyota or Datsun would be ideal.

The above, they ferry some 20 – 25 students. Permit to operate a school bus lies with the L.P.K.P. or Lembaga Pelesenan Kenderaan Perdagangan.

To operate a small school bus, you first would require a bus. You also must posses at least a “D” driving license to be able to drive the vehicle. You should also get a P.S.V. (Public Service Vehicle) badge.

The bus you own, being a public service vehicle like taxis, for example, must be in good condition. It should therefore be sent for examination once in 6 months. Puspakom will be the relevant authorities responsible for the vehicle’s inspection.

Your vehicle should ideally be air-conditioned. Malaysian students and their parents as well are a rather “choosy” lot. They want the best for their children. They do not mind paying more.

As mentioned earlier, your school bus being service orientated, should posses the basic amenities such as first aid box and safety items such as fire extinguishers.

One other item normally overlooked by most other school buses is the “triangular red-coloured warning sign” or the “tanda amaran segi tiga”. Ensure that these 2 items are in your vehicle’s possession.

Before I forget, there is one other thing that needs to be mentioned. The insurance for the bus and the school children is meant to ferry or carry.

Being an entrepreneur interested in this business, you would have little problem dealing with issue. Should you have any other problems facing you, do feel free to drop this blog a line, and yours sincerely would be ever ready to assist.