For a new student, doing a car side parking can be very challenging and many people failed at their first attempt during the J.P.J. practical test. In order to pass you test in your first attempt, you must know the right steps to perform side parking. The following are 8 easy steps that you can follow:

Step 1:

Place the car to be used for parking purposes 1 foot away from the parking lot. Reverse slowly, looking at the left quarter mirror of the back portion of the car. There are 3 poles or sticks in front. Permit the 1st pole to appear in the centre of the quarter mirror. Stop when you see 1st pole in the centre of the quarter mirror.

Step 2:

Turn the steering 2 times to the left. In other words, jam the steering. This is step No.2.

Step 3:

There are 7 to 10 poles at the back of the parking lot. All institutes have the same type of parking lots approved by J.P.J. authorities.

Move the car backwards or reverse slowly, looking out of the car window to look for the 5th stick. The car body should ideally be in line to it. Stop, when the 5th pole is seen. This is the 3rd step in side parking.

Step 4:

After seeing the 5th pole, stop and turn your steering 2 times to the right. This represents straightening of the steering wheel. Putting your head out of the window, reverse slowly towards the parking lot, while at the same time looking at the back, rear tyre of the car. Ensure that the back rear tyre sit on top of the white line. This represents step No.4.

Step 5:

You are now ready to go into the parking lot. Turn your steering all to the right. Jam it, if you may. Move slowly backwards and into the parking lot. Let the car enter the parking lot 80%, looking and ensuring that you do not knock any of the poles behind.

Step 6:

When 80% of the car has entered the parking lot, stop.

Turn your steering all to the left. Engage 1st gear and move forward slowly but do not turn your steering in any way. Go forward, watching and ensuring you do not hit any of the 3 poles in front.

When the car is parallel to the parking lot, stop. It is not important if your car is not straight. As long as you do not hit the sticks, of your car tyres are not touching the lines, you will be considered to have passed.

Finally, put your head out of the window, to certify that your tyres are not touching the lines, then put up your hand to indicate to the tester that you’ve completed all your parking movements.

Step 7:

The next step is to reverse the car backwards to come out of the parking lot. To do this, just reverse your car backwards, looking and ensuring that your vehicle does not knock any of the poles behind. Stop, when you observe that your car can come out of the parking lot.

Step 8:

Turn your steering all to the right. Engage 1st gear and move forward, going out. Stop momentarily the moment your car engine comes out of the parking lot. Turn your steering 2 times to the left. Move forward slowly and turn your steering to the left further. Slowly straighten your car wheels and put the car straight.

In my opinion, my side parking techniques represent the most concise and involves the least number of steps. It is not only easily remembered by an average student, but the success rate for those attempting to do this side parking method is very high.

Do remember however that these steps have been evolved after many years of trial and errors. Other instructor and potential students should try out the procedures and discover for yourselves how effective it is.

Coming out of the side parking lot successfully, leads you next to the 3 point turn maneuver. You are in fact only a few seconds away from achieving your Competent Driving License (C.D.L.). Only the final part of your practical test, the Part 3 or Road Test remains. Secure a minimum of 16 marks and the driving license is yours.

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