How To Get The Best Car Insurance Deal?

The method for scouting excellent auto insurance rate is best done by an inquiry with as many agents as possible and then to evaluate them. The said way is the blanket method to use irrespective of the fact whether you are within Peninsular Malaysia or Sabah and Sarawak.

Before embark on the job, be clear on the details of your automobile such as the manufacturer, model, kilometer per liter given by the vehicle including present state and additional features if any. Be prepared to keep ready on your previous vehicle driving records as well as the choice on the deductibles.

The car insurance rate calculation and your monetary commitment for payment of insurance charges calculate on scores of points. It includes such as your driving credentials, credibility, the automobile model, date of birth, you are married or single as well the agreeable deductibles.

Age of the driver is inversely proportional to the automobile insurance rates, meaning less your age, more the rate. Such a rate fixing system is bases its assumption that, one who are in a conjugal relations are more accountable and grown-up with lesser susceptibility to rash driving and so benefit from a rate cut in auto insurance charges.

The normal task to obtain car insurance coverage quote without any cost becomes as easy like doing a telephone call or surf the web. You can get an insurance proposal from many representatives through a small meeting. The rates for a new vehicle for auto insurance are more than a second hand one. It is all due to their top value and the change of any spare costs a fortune.

SUV and/or sports car too get a dearer quote as compared to an ordinary car. The collective bargain power of you get its due from insurance company when car ownership count is multiple. This is all because the company gets the total car insurance expenses made by you in its kitty and this makes them to pass on the benefit of an affordable insurance rate to you.

When you are keen to evaluate the various available vehicle insurance rates, it may not be easy like getting one from classified advertisement magazines and make a wild guess on the company to approach for the insurance needs. The effort taken through a search for insurance advertisement will kick start the task.

The ideal end will be the use of resources in the web as online auto insurance quotes offers of scores of companies and they are apt in satisfying your vehicle insurance need. The process of evaluation of auto insurance rates has the benefit of incurring lesser rates. Such an attempt will make you a conceited insurance buyer who value money.

The best return on your money that is put into insurance keeps your head high and concessions made in it make you further proud. All the details given above are crafted for knowing the basics of car insurance field. It may not be advisable to replace it for expert opinions in the finance or insurance field who offer the car insurance proposals.

If you desire for more details on auto insurance or want to obtain an auto insurance proposal, you can get in touch with the numerous car insurance companies in Malaysia.

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  1. Jack Lee August 1, 2012 at 11:26 am - Reply

    Hi cikgu Yap,

    I am currently working in singapore and thinking of going back to malaysia permanently.

    1. I was holding malaysia driving licence class b2 and d.
    2. Currently holding singapore driving licence as i converted from malaysia driving licence few years back.
    3. Passed class 2a last year in singapore. Tough test btw. Currently holding class 2a and 3.
    4. Currently also riding 400cc super 4 bike.


    1. Can i convert my licence back to malaysia driving licence?
    2. If yes, is it possible to convert to class b straight away, or i still need to go thru class b test?

    As a matter of fact, i personally view that singapore riding test is more stringent compared to malaysia. We have to pass the class 2b and 2a test in order to get the class 2 licence.


    • Cikgu Yap August 4, 2012 at 10:12 am - Reply

      Your Singapore driving license can certainly be converted back to a Malaysian license. You are advised to visit the Singapore Transport Authorities who will provide you all the necessary documents and letter.

      Regarding your motorcycle riding license, I’m uncertain what class you will be given upon conversion. To ride a superbike here, you’ll require a B Full license. Find out yourself if your class 2a / 3 license is equivalent to our license above. If not, you’ll only be given a B1 (251-500 cc) license eventually.

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