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For over more than 2 years, this blog has been writing only or conventional cars which run on internal combustion engines. No article has yet be penned upon electric cars.

To be able to write upon the above type of cars infact, is not an easy matter. Trying to understand or comprehend how electric cars work in itself, is already a difficult task, what more, to attempt to write an article on it, is I believe something that is not easy to achieve.

Nevertheless, irregardless of whether it is difficult or otherwise, at some point or other, an attempt to write an article on electric cars has to be done sooner or later.

While other countries like the United Kingdom, the United State of America, Australia, China and other European countries have taken concrete steps to introduce electric cars into their domestic market, our country, Malaysia, appears to be taking a retrospective stance towards electric vehicles.

I hold the above opinion, as very recently, the Minister of Transport Malaysia, Datuk Kong Cho Har, announced to the general public, that steps are being taken to decide as to whether electric bicycles will be allowed to be used in Malaysia or otherwise.

From the look of things, it is very probable and likely, that electric bicycles might see its own demise in this country very soon. The general public eagerly awaits the government’s decision with bated breath on this subject.

Electric vehicles or E.V. or better known as “green vehicles” is currently extremely popular, especially in the U.S and the U.K. According to Mr. Brian Wayne, who is the president of the Electric Drive Transportation Association of America, America is preparing itself for the advert of electric cars. Mr. Wayne suggests that the world should keep an eye on China, especially where electric cars are concerned.

How in America coping with the introduction of electric vehicles readers would like to know? Infact, the country is coping well with it. In America, there is a yet another company, Southern California Edison, which is said to possess one of the largest establishments of “plug in” programmes to cater for electric vehicles.

Concerning electric vehicles, it is imperative that, we keep in view that many people consider its efficiency being measured via miles per gallon. With this in view or consideration, readers would wish to know, how is electric cars’ performance as compared to conventional fuel driven vehicles?

It is believed that it approximately costs 1/5 of the expenditure of conventional vehicles. It is believed to cost 2 – 3 U.S. cents per mile for electric cars, while conventional cars using petrol works out to 12 – 14 U.S cents.

Besides the Southern California Edison Company, another establishment in America, the Duke Energy is said to be establishing similar preparations to prepare itself for the introduction of electric vehicles into that country. They are said to possess some 3,000 utilities in the country to provide charging facilities for electric vehicles.

Experts say the introduction of electric vehicles might create a problem. The problem is none other than what is called “transformer” overloading. Should a cluster of electric vehicles, with fast charging facilities be concentrated on one area, it is said to be able to cause problems to transformers.

But establishments providing electrical supplies to electric vehicles in America are of the opinion they are aware where the above problem will occur and they believe they will be ready for it.

Besides the United States of America, it is believed that China, is also adopting a rather aggressive stance towards the introduction of electric vehicles. China it seems, look at electric cars and vehicles not only as an “economic” imperative, but also as “commercial’ opportunity for it to leap frog over the rest of the world, especially in the field of electric vehicles.

For readers’ information, China is said to currently produce more than 20 million electric bikes per year. In China today, it is said there are some 250 million electric bikes on the roads.

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