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Driving Instructor Recruitment

Driving School Malaysia Blog is looking for responsible, friendly and enthusiastic people to work together with us. A reliable driving instructor plays a very important role in the development of a good driver in Malaysia. They need to be able to converse well, patience, energetic and a never-ending smile. A good sense of humor will [...]

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Car Refresher Course

Do you need a driving refresher lessons for automatic or manual car? Look no further! We have driving refresher courses for both auto and manual car at a very competitive price. Is your driving license still valid? If not, you have to renew it first before commencement of the course. If your license has expired [...]

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Is A Driving Instructor’s Job More Dangerous These Days?

It is without a doubt, some jobs or occupations are more dangerous than others. They are considered “risky”. In my opinion, drivers who test new cars before they are marketed infact face great risks and dangers. Airline pilots, for instance, are also termed as high risks performers. But nowadays, many “professions”, which were in the old [...]

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