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7 Advantages of Riding Motorcycle Compared To Car

Except one or two things, it is more advantageous to ride a motorcycle compared to driving a car. Yes, to ride a bike, one does require purchasing special attire. Goggles, leather jackets, jeans, leather gloves and knee length leather boots. This may cost quite a large sum of money, no doubt. But reflecting about this [...]

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Enjin Lifan Di Malaysia – Enjin Popular Untuk Street Cub

Adakah anda seorang peminat motorsikal street cub di Malaysia? Jika ya, anda tentunya pernah menemui enjin 2 stroke yang murah dan berkuasa tinggi Lifan dari negara China. Populariti enjin Lifan adalah amat tinggi di Malaysia. Ini di sebabkan enjin Lifan di jual dengan harga yang agak murah berbanding dengan enjin-enjin motorsikal yang berjenama dari Jepun [...]

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11 Motorcycle Riding Tips To Keep You Safe

I admit have not accorded the subject of riding motorcycles equal time in my articles as compared to cars. Therefore, it has been decided that an article on it would be written on it today to correct the anomaly. To make riding motorcycle safely, a rider need only to remember to check a few important [...]

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