JPJ Blacklist – 4 Steps To Check Your Vehicle Status

Is your driving license blacklisted by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ)? Is your vehicle blacklisted? There are many reasons why your Malaysian driving license or vehicle could be blacklisted by JPJ. Most probably it is outstanding traffic summons issued which you have not cleared yet. If your driving license was blacklisted, you may not be able [...]

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Kesalahan Memandu Di Lorong Kecemasan – Kesalahan Serius!

Memandu Di Lorong Kecemasan Kini Di Kategorikan Sebagai Kesalahan Serius Kesalahan menggunakan lorong kecemsan Kesalahan memandu di lorong kecemasan kini di ketegorikan oleh Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (J.P.J.) sebagai satu kesalahan yang serius di Malaysia. Dulu, menggunakan lorong kecemasan membawa saman hanya RM300. Kini, hukuman kesalahan ini di naikkan ke maksimum RM2000 atau penjara 1 tahun! [...]

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Handling Traffic Summons From Local Council

China’s ambassador to Malaysia, Dr Huang Hui Kang, was given a summons by Wisma Putra recently. Did the ambassador infringe any traffic laws? In reality, he had made a remark which Malaysia regarded as being interfering in our country’s domestic problem. Speaking about summons, I have also received a traffic summons recently. Who issued me [...]

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