P.M. MUHIDDIN YASSIN, in his interview recently, repeatedly said, Malaysia has to adopt to the “new norm”.

What is it actually?

Social distancing

The NEW NORM, referred to above, amongst other things include:-

(i) Social Distancing

At banks, restaurants and other public outlet, people must adhere to a distance of at least 3 feet apart.

This is a practice most Malaysian will find extremely cumbersome.

Can we adapt to it or otherwise? It remains to be seen when our lockdown period is lifted.

(ii) Malaysian are FRIENDLY and WARM by nature

The day before the compulsory shutdown, Malaysians greet each by “shaking hands” and embracing one another.

No where in the world, I believe , are more friendlier than we Malaysians.

So, what therefore are we expected now to do to be less friendly?

We have no other alternative.

We are now expected to adapt the “new norm” Muhyiddin advocates.

We now have to smile, curtsy, bow a little, utter “how are you” and clasp our hands, act the way the Japanese and Siamese people do.

It looks as if “ shaking hand” and “embracing “ are now out.

(iii) Working From The Home

Most people now works from home. Employers must now get used to workers working at home.

My 2 daughters now work from home.

One works in a logistic company, the other sell medical web software for a Singapore based company.

Although both felt uneasy, but as time went by, they became used to the idea.

(iv) Wearing Face Masks will be more than Just Hygienic

Malaysians better be used donning “face mask” from henceforth.

Despite being cumbersome, these problematic items are going to be the norm for Malaysian.

Wherever we go, “masks” are going to be something we have to getting used to eventually.

(v) Buying Food and Bringing it Home for Consumption

The “shutdown” is currently being implemented.

People can no longer eat at restaurants and coffee shop outlets.

While buying their meals, people have to practice “social distancing”.

The queue along the corridors are long.

A disappointing sight, I agree.

But that’s now it’s going to be from now on.

The ‘eating” business will be hard hit.

Business will undoubtedly be affected. Without a doubt before long, we will see many outlets shutting down.

(vi) The MAJLIS BANDARAN AUTHORITIES or “Town Council” Authorities must step up its duties to ENSURE EATING OUTLETS ARE UP TO HYGENIC STANDARDS

Without a doubt, unlike Singapore which is renowned to be a clean and hygienic state, Malaysia is undoubtedly not so.

The Town Council authorities is now responsible for clean and hygienic environments, has to be buck up and do its work.

Unless they do, “COVID 19” dilemma will continue.

(vii) Ordering Things Online

Getting used to the idea of buying goods and marketing necessities will now see a boon in online activities.

Food will henceforth be delivered by Grab Food operators and dispensers.

Cost of delivery will rise, it cannot be avoided. That’s the result of the pandemic now affecting us.

As the pandemic now continues, our lives will undergo a lot of changes. The article will now stop here temporarily. I will pen more on the “new norms” at a later date.

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