Possible To Convert Nigeria Drivers License In Malaysia?

The following is a comment posted by Mr AJ back in 20th May 2015.

Mr AJ is from Nigeria and he wanted to know whether he can convert his Nigeria Drivers license to a Malaysian driving license.

Can Nigerian driver’s license converted in Malaysia?

I am a Nigerian expatrate working here in Malaysia.

I have been driving for the past few years before leaving my country for Malaysia.

I have as well undergo the driving training with the Nigeria Road Safety Commission after which i was issued a Nigerian Driving Licence.

I write to know what is the new proceedure in order to convert my Nigerian Driving Licence to Malaysian Driving Licence.

I have tried to talk to Nigerian Embassy but i was informed that they no longer issue certificate in orher for me to proceed to JPJ for further submission of my documents for driving licence renewal.

This is due to the fact that Malaysia JPJ are no longer issueing Malaysian Driving Licence to Nigerians except they go through driving school training which i have already done in my country with many years of driving experience.

I am a very busy person due to the nature of my job here in Malaysia and its not convenient for me to go through driving licence training school.

I would highly appreciate if you could advice me on what to do in order to get my foreign driving license converted to Malaysian driving licence.

I look forward read or hearing from you, thanks with best regards.


My response to Mr AJ

It seems you already have your answer to your question from the Nigerian Embassy.

The Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) is no longer allowing Nigerian driver’s license to be converted to a local driving license.

It is not only Nigeria, driving licenses from numerous countries are also not allow to be converted.

When the Malaysian road authority declined your request, there is not much anyone can do for you.

Your only option is to go through the usual process to secure a Malaysian driving license.

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